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Our District was recently split into two new Districts, we volunteers assume, because of our growth in units and members. Our OA Chapter Advisor has not been informed of any changes in our membership. However, our Council has announced the new location of the additional Roundtable and Chapter meeting, as they will start to meet at the scheduled Roundtable in August.

Having worked with our Chapter closely, the current Chapter Advisor has been advised of nothing. We have heard that "somebody" has appointed a new Advisor for the new Chapter. We've heard nothing from the Lodge Advisor. The current leadership and committees of the current one Chapter, would simply like to move forward as is, as we have active Election and Ceremonial Committees. We have an active Chapter with officers and advisors. But if we are forced to split, our committees will have no advisors in one chapter, and no Scouts in the new Chapter.

So, who decides when to add a chapter when a successful district has to split? Our current chapter is confused and upset. Who has the authority to demand that we attend the new Roundtable and Chapter meetings because of our location in the two new Districts?

We're running the fall Camporee, and are very concerned we'll lose support because of the confusion.


Thanks for all help.


sst3rd (Chapter Ceremonial Team Advisor)

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We went through this a couple of years ago. Our large, very successful district with a long history was dissolved and split into 3. THere was no discussion. It was "National Guidelines". To be honest, a district camporee with 1200 attendees was not much fun and a logistical nightmare. There were a few disgruntled units and most of the active Commissioners and District committee people ended up in one district and the other two had to start from scratch. Many district positions are still unfilled and we have no commissioner corps to speak of. It's hard and it takes years to build the infrastructure back up.


As to OA, we also automatically had 3 new chapters to match the new districts.

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