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I just got back from my first OA Conclave (NE-3B). I had a great time. The VIP for the weekend was the OA National Chief Pat Murphy. I had the privlige of attending his training session "OA Troop/Team Representitive". I know that a little while back we had a discussion going on about what the OA rep should be doing. So, I took notes and have what he said they should do:

1.communicate events to unit members

2.help conducte elections

3. serve as a bridge between the unit and the chapter/lodge

4. attend OA meetings

5. Promot the OA

6. Set an example by living the Scout Oath and Law and wearing the uniform correctly

7. Serve as a Contact w/ OA members

8. Attend the PLC

9. Serve as a general resource for leaders in the troop

10. Promot brotherhood.

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Nice post! The OA rep needs a friendly SM to help him promote the OA. The OA can improve the camping program of the troop and unfortunately too many SMs just see the OA as a competing program for "their" youth.

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Too bad many SM's see OA as competing with the troop program. Our troop makes every effort to work around OA weekends. The scouts often indicate that the work weekends doing cheerful service, and the ceremonies, are some of thier favorite camping weekends. Also, our adult members like the OA weekends as we take on building projects at our council summer camp.


It comes down to communication, and a boy lead program. Certianly the scoutmasters have final say in the activities, but why not support the OA?

In our region the OA has 3 workweekends a year. that leaves room for troop level camping.

Maybe some SM are afraid of letting go of "control".

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Well, this is one SM that embraces the OA.


OA events are added to our calendar as part of the annual planning process first along with school closings, holidays, and district/council events. Our troop then plans our year not to conflict with, at a minimum, our District's Ordeal weekend, Spring Fellowship and Fall Fellowship weekends (as well as other local OA events - regional and national OA events are not typically considered since we have no scouts involved to that level as yet). The fellowship weekends are promoted within our troop and we usually get decent attendance (75% of brothers) that does not take away from the scheduled troop trip for the month (our scouts are used to multiple scouting weekends each month). We have even scheduled a few special high-adventure trips (canoe trek - trail of the Lenni Lenape) open just to troop OA members that were very well received. OA is an expansion of our regular troop program, not a competitor.

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I also agree on the importance of OA.


As young men mature, their interests start diverging. OA, Council contingent crews to Philmont/SeaBase, Brownsea, camp staff, all provide outlets for the growing young man.


The Scoutmaster who thinks parochially of his Troop, and not of the needs of EACH of his growing young men, qualifies for the One-Dee-Ten-Tee award imo.


(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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The VIP for the weekend was the OA National Chief Pat Murphy.


When I sealed my membership in the OA a few years back, Patrick Murphy was the chief principle in the Brotherhood ceremony. Shortly thereafter, I was able to have a short conversation with him at the section conclave. The few times I have talked with him left me with the impression that he is one of those people that you can just tell is going to become someone special. I was very pleased for him when I heard be was elected National Chief.



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