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Old OA Ceremony Booklets 1960's era

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I'm wondering if any "old-timers" (or anyone else) might have copies of 1960's-era OA Ceremony booklets? (This was back before certain references to "God" were removed for political-correctness reasons.)


I had some for a long time, but apparently in one my moves, I must have missplaced them. I'm interested in all three, Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil. I'd be happy to receive them in any format, digital or otherwise.


Thanks for any help!




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Those ceremonies were taken without permission off a site that I used to run in college 3-4 years ago, my site is down now. I still have a folder with the copies in it that I scanned and put in PDF format. I have the word docs and PDFs on my computer I was going to try to assemble the rest of the revisions, I know where to get copies, but the projet has fallen by the wayside. I heard that something was going on with this on the National Level, but I haven't seen any information on it in a couple years. The ceremony with the unknown date was thought to be prior to 1935 by Jay Dunbar, a member of the Ceremonial Advisory Committee in the 1960's. I'd personally place it somewhere between 1925 and 1935, I will take a look at it and post any notes I had, or what I can tell from the photocopy. That ceremony along with a couple others were photocopied by Jay from some archives at the National Office and sent to me for the site. I also have/had an article describing the changes in the Ordeal Ceremony over several years. It was in the National Bulletin many years ago and written by Jay Dunbar. I'll see if I have it in electronic format, and if I do, I'll post it in the Safeguarded Forum. If anyone has any questions, please drop me an e-mail.




William Highsmith


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