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Can Voters in OA Elections really abstain?

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If the rules were followed, ( actually, even if someone eligible isn't on the ballot or if some who isn't eligible is on the ballot ) and at least one scout was elected, there is no do - over. If no one got elected, there is ONE do over. Also, a scoutmaster cannot simply strike a name of the ballot.

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Centreville Scout,

We never heard back from JAM, but I suspect you're right that they were unable to get permission to void and start over with elections. The books all say the election as conducted should stand. That's not to say it's impossible to get a variance, but I've been through painful experiences like this and had to chalk it up to lessons-learned for next year.


As far as the SM having the authority to strike a name from the ballot, I refer you to pg 52 of the official OA Guide to Inductions which I linked above.

"4. The unit leader provides a list of registered active members of the unit who meet all eligibility requirements, including attitude and participation."

Looks to me that the SM can exclude potential candidates based on bad attitude or lack of participation. I've seen it happen - and turn out well when the scouts were counseled about the problems and changed their ways to be elected the next year.


-mike(This message has been edited by Mike F)

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