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I had been planning on doing Philmont Trail Crew and OA Wilderness Voyage until I was asked to help out at camp last summer. When I was asked to help them out after someone else quit I decided to answer the call of service rather than going out and having a good time the wilderness. It turned out I had a lot of fun at camp instead.


I would highly recommend these programs. I have been to Philmont for a regular trek and it was great. I imagine going with your brother Arrowmen and doing it for cheep would also be exceptional.


I have talked with a few people that have done these programs and they rated them very highly.


I say go for it if you have the chance. After all, those sorts of opportunities only come around once or twice in a life time.

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I've done both Philbreak and the OA Trail Crew. I did Trail Crew in 1997 and Philbreak in 2004. You can e-mail me any questions you have. My e-mail address is willhi1979@yahoo.com. If you want a general overview, just post here, and I'll give that so everyone can see it.

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I've done Trail Crew 2 years ago, and I was planning to do both OAVoyage and OASeaBase this summer; however, Sea Base is completely filled, so I'll just be doing Voyage. They are all great trips, and really make a man out of you.


-Bragging rights: we hiked over Mt. Baldy in full packs!

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