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how to count days/nights

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going over the election reqs,

I was wondering how to exactly count a typical weekend campout -

Friday night - arrive at campsite & setup, sleep.

Saturday - daylong activities & sleep.

Sunday - have breakfast, packup, & leave before noon.

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From OA


"Other than defining the length of time needed for a camping activity to be considered a long-term camp*, the National Order of the Arrow Committee leaves the interpretation of the camping requirement to the unit leader.


* A "long-term camp" is one consisting of at least six consecutive days and five nights of resident camping. A "short-term camp" is anything less than that."


As Unit Leader, I would count your weekend camp scenario as 2 days and 2 nights.



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Ditto to Semper. I count them the same way.


Another "urban lengend" that floats around is that only "tent" camping counts and not cabin camping. Again, the SM (unit leader) may determine what counts and what does not. If you are familiar with TroopMaster, one can fill in the type of camping and regardless of what one chooses the user has an option of crediting that camping or not.

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Count nights as actual nights. (Sleeping periods in other words)


Count days as something like a program day. For example, you may only get a very short period in on Friday, and may get less than a full day on Sunday. If you put the two together you probably get something like a whole day.


Another option would be to follow the national camping award criteria. That defines a day as being a 24 hour period. So a typical weekend trip is probably around 40 hours or so. I think most people would count that as two days since that is what it rounds to.



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