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OA Jambo patches

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The Jambo contingent for our council paid homage to our lodge by naming the Jambo patrols after our chapters. WE are currently debating wheter or not the lodge should make Jambo pocket flaps, available for the jambo contingent and people that wnat to help the lodge fundraise. The argumentconcerned the populairty of Jambo OA flaps? are they a big deal or are they worth doing?

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An OA lodge jambo patch would be a great fundraiser for your lodge, but please do not see the patch as being just that. Try to make the OA jambo flap SPECTACULAR, not only to generate more sales, but also to represent your lodge. OA flaps are popular to those who collect them; there are MANY people--scouts, scouters, and non-scouters alike--who collect OA memorabilia. There are probably about as many people who collect/trade CSP's (or JSP's?) as there are people who collect/trade lodge flaps, regardless of whether the event is a NOAC or a Jamboree.

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