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What a timely question -- I too had my Ordeal this weekend, and like calmsi1ence, I had no idea what the Admonition was after it was whispered in my ear.


To compound the problem, I had to leave the Ordeal Sunday morning to be at church where my daughter was being honored with other graduating seniors.


So I don't have the HB yet, either. But I'm being patient -- I'll learn everything I need to know in good time.

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Don't feel bad, fgoodwin. I too just went through my Ordeal. Our Chapter's new candidates did not receive the handbook, but there was a very good reason for that, and I am not complaining. We were just told we would get them at the next Chapter meeting.


I like to make myself informed, though, and as soon as possible too. So I just went down to Council and bought my book! No terrible expense, it was under $3... so now I'm reading up and getting familiar with it. If your Scout shop isn't far from you, maybe that's something you might want to do.

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