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Scoutreach Mentoring

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My lodge is in the process of implementing Scoutreach Mentoring into the lodge-unit assistance program. I think this program is the epitomy of what the OA is all about: serving others. It seems appropriate that the society of "honor campers" should help other units to establish better outdoor and advancement programs. Many people think that the OA is just a club that goes on exclusive outings every so often, but through this program they can realize what the OA does, and upon which principles its members have obliged themselves to live and act as scouts.

Seeing as how my lodge has just begun planning the logistics of this program, I'd like to ask:


Has your lodge assisted [the district/council] with this program?


How does your lodge operate/organize this program?


What success (if any) have your lodge had in achieving the goals of the Scoutreach program?


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The Tunkhannock Chapter of the Witauchsoman Lodge, (Minsi Trails Council) has done exactly what you are talking about, last NOAC they were recognized for their efforts regarding mentoring Scoutreach troops. Check out the Tunkhannock Chapter section of the Witauchsoman web page for details http://www.witauchsoman.org/


At the last District Fall Camporee, held at a Council Camp, each Scoutreach patrol had a Troops Guide assigned to it to help navigate from station to station. All troop guides were OA members. These troop guides are serving as mentors to the troops as well, meeting with them and providing their scouting expertise on outings. I am not always a big fan of the OA, but this is something they do which is done well

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I'm a new lodge chief, and i've stumbled on the scoutreach program. i believe it is one of the greatest things our lodge isnt doing. this program would not onla publicise the order in every troop, but it would help with quality lodge, and more importantly it would help those units who need it. my question to you all is how do i most effectively impliment this program into the lodge. we currently do nothing with the scoutreach mentoring program, but that will change. i just want it to take off running as fast as it can. thank you all inm advance


Sam Fife

Lodge Chief

Shunkah Mahneetu lodge 407 (grand teton council)

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