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"Alot of people are in the dark about Freemasonry."


That's because it's a secret order. Non-members are supposed to be in the dark. What the public sees are the charitable works of Freemasonry. What they don't see are the ceremonies, rituals, and oaths that members are bound to keep secret from non-members."


Not correct. It is NOT a secret order. It is an order with secrets. BIG difference. A secret order keeps its existance secret. Freemasonry does not. Not by any stretch of the imagination.




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Modern civilization has been and still is loaded with secret organizations and sub-societies...most become public intentionally or unintentionally. Some beneficial, some benign, some contemptible.


Freemason's and over a dozen split-off's from the Freemasons.

Most college fraternities and sororities.


KKK, Hitlerjugend


Various semi-public political orders which keep the conspiracy theorists going like the UN, NWO, IMF, WHO.


Is BSA a secret organization? I think it was at one time, but I don't think so now. It is definitely a closed club, or at least it appears that they desire that, in some sub-organizations (like OA) more than others.


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I don't think that the BSA itself was a secret or closed organization, the OA maybe but not the basic BSA program. Some have in the past have branded the BSA as an organization for white middle class Protestant only boys which had some truth to it. Catholics and Jews were discouraged from joining early on for fear of taking the boys away from their own faith, and that camping trips violated the Sabbath and Sunday Mass obligations for these boys. Even in the early days of the BSA there were African American troops from poor rural areas but they still enjoyed being scouts.


Maybe it is time for the OA to evolve its program from its early days and let their activities become more transparent to alleviate both parental and youth concerns. IMO the OA should be emphasizing more outdoor experiences unique to them and more service not only to camps but also to the community at large. Maybe it would be better to downplay the Indian dancing and ceremonies especially because when they are done poorly really insult the dignity of those cultures being portrayed. Native American woodcraft skills and their views on being in harmony with nature are the real values the OA should emphasis, as well as some real exciting outdoor activities open only to members.

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Hi BP,


I think the level of secrecy or "closed-ness" of BSA has probably varied over time and geography. Probably still does.


When I was a kid, BSA was very closed and closed-mouth...the reason being that in my town they were closely affiliated with local secret organization(s). Having moved away many years ago, I don't know if that affiliation still exists.


I don't ever recall seeing a Scout (Cub or BSA) in uniform in public in my hometown, except maybe in a parade on the Independence Day. Cub Scouts did not serve at school functions, nor did they meet at school. If I knew any Scouts, I didn't know that I knew them...that's pretty secret in my book.


I think the problem that some people have is that if they "know" that an organization (not just BSA) has a "secret" sub-group that they have heard about, they wonder what other "secret" sub-groups they don't know about.


It's a conspiracy mentality, granted, but that is the way of the world these days....mainly because we've had so many. According to an ABC poll I found, 72% of people 18-64 believe the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy.

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Gee Engineer where did you live anyway, sounds like the Twilight Zone to me, lol. The BSA was always open when I was a kid and we wore our uniforms all the time to special events, parades ,scoutaramas, etc.

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I grew up in rural central Ohio, during 60's and 70's.


Outside of a Mom coming in to my classroom on time to promote Cub Scouts when I was in grade school, I really never saw any aspect of Scouting in any public arena.



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Secret, not really, thats an intentional illusion. The mystique lent by the air of secrecy is very attractive to boys, its just that simple. What an inexpensive, and effective, motivation. The biggest issue today is people undermining the order by trying to strip away this powerful illusion. If you are an adult, and want to know, ask. You will be given your answers; its that easy. Just dont ruin it for these young men.

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