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i am a vigil honor memeber of muscogee lodge 221 from the columbia s.c. area. i recently began collecting oa sashes. i have just a few questions that maybe some fellow arrowmen could answer:


does the sea scouts really have a blue sash for their arrowmen?



i have a sash that is the following dimensions 1 1/2 inches wide and and just over 3 1/2 feet long. the arrow on the sash has a 1/4 inch wide shaft and the arrow head at its greatest width is 1 inch. this is a very narrow sash it also has a stainless snap. has anyone ever seen one of these??



and lastly is there a book or website or some form of listing and price guide for sashes out there. i am mainly looking for a checklist of sorts but would really like to find a source of information on all oa sashes that were made and their dates used.


thanks in advance to all who read and/or respond to this.


i can be reached at cookmopar@wmconnect.com or



yours in scouting jeff cook aka mopar73mopar


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Check out the "Standard Price Guide to U.S. Scouting Collectibles" by George Cuhaj


Should be able to search on "Cuhaj" on Amazon or Ebay and find it. Make sure you buy the latest edition (blue cover).

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The only official sashes are white with red arrows and the red bars and triangles. The blue and black sashes are not official. There is no lodge local option.

Some arrow members purchase a second sash to keep clean for formal occasions. It is not a requirement. There are some members who take pride in their dirty sashes, for it shows how much service they have done.


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The Blue OA sashes were actually given to overseas arrowmen in either the 70's or 80's and were very rare back then it was given to prestigious arrowmen in overseas lodges and yes they were not authorized by BSA or the OA but you have to put into thought that the OA was not an official BSA program for many years and further more the black oa sashes we the original ones but they did not have arrows on them the had a white stripe on a black sash. they were around for about the first 3 or 4 years of the OA.

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