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I always thought all troops met year round. At least all the ones I have been involved in have even as a Scout.


We go to a reduced meeting schedule of every other week and meet at tother locations beside our regular meeting places. Then we concentrate on outdoor activities during the sumer and long term camping last year we got 20 days of camping in the summer. It was fun and our troop went to South Dakota and to Tennessee and enjoyed it.


WE do take the month of December off because all of the leaders are involved in the Bell Ringing campaign for our charter partner.

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Guam is 30+ miles long. It would take 1 lap if you start North head south, loop around the southern side and north again.


When we did our 50 miler a couple of years ago. We started out early in the morning about 0300-0400 hrs. It was just to hot for the Scouts to hike at sunrise.



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