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New section for OA Members only

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This is area is for Order of the Arrow discussions.


Any private OA discussions (materials that are "safeguarded" for members only) can be posted in the "Safeguarded OA Discussions" private sub-forum above, which requires a password to access. The password is the Admonition of the Order, and if you do not know it you may ask a fellow Arrowman.



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Does this mean that I get to go first?

As a Council that has two camping facilities and no full time Ranger the work that the OA does to get camp ready for the season and maintained is vital.

While I am not as active in the Lodge as I would like my son is. In fact he is taking a run at becoming Lodge Chief this year. He was at camp Alpine in NJ a few weeks back for the NLS and came back with a high that I have only seen when people have came back from Wood Badge.

While I don't have any data to back it up, I feel that the Lodge is doing a lot to keep the older Scouts involved in the program. At times some of the OA members adult and youth forget that they are still members of the BSA and the Council.

I get to attend about half of the OA weekends and really enjoy the fellowship.I don't get caught up too much in the workings of it all.

OJ has plans to go as far as he can. He is dragging me off to a conclave this year. My first and then he is off to NOAC. I have never been. If he gets to be Lodge Chief, he tells me that he wants to go for Section Chief. So who knows maybe his enthusiasm might make me become more active.


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This new section is exactly what I need! I recently returned to scouting with my son and have just re-registered after a 21-year hiatus. I also plan on bringing my OA dues up to date.


As a youth I was an Ordeal member. After which I was concentrating on completing my Eagle requirements and then came college at which time I became inactive in all scouting activities. I never earned my Brotherhood.


My question is, what capacity as an adult, can I be involved with the OA? Am I still eligible to earn my Brotherhood?


Thanks in advance!



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Balding Eagle,

You can also be selected for the Vigil honor.

You'll find lots to do in OA as an adult if you're interested, willing, and able!

They probably won't let you suit up to do ceremonies anymore, but the ceremony teams always seem to be in need of support driving, etc.

If you were involved in building ceremony gear, the guys would probably be happy to have someone show them how. (Just don't let them talk you into doing it all yourself!)

If you were into dancing, you might find your Lodge has an annual PowWow that encourages dancers of all ages to jump into the ring.

And honor camping and cheerful service never go out of style!


Welcome back, brother!



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Thank you all for the information and warm welcomes. There has been a gap in my life without scouting. I dont know why I thought I had to wait until I had a son and he was old enough to join before my return. Well, I guess its better late than never.


Its good to hear I can still earn my Brotherhood. I always regretted not doing so.




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Ok Ok I know the admonition and I know the translation but dang it if I can't spell it correctly. I guess I will have to get home before I can get into the restricted site. (I even made a call to two fellow vigils and they didn't know how either, one the development director of our council).

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I have also been unable to enter the restricted area. I know I have the correct spelling, since I have it printed in one of the ceremonies. I also tried the alternative spelling from the Lenape-English Dictionary with the same results.


When I enter in my user name, password, and the forum password it comes back with an HTTP 500 Internal server error.



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I was afraid I was misspelling it too. I searched around, and on the Nat'l OA site there's a definitions list that's pass-worded with a phrase from the Brotherhood ceremony. If you're BH or big V and can't remember how to spell the admonition (like me) look there.

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