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Ordeal in '72 and Brotherhood in '73. I was a member of Tali Tak Taki 70, which has since merged, but I think the new lodge still uses the 70 lodge number.


I started paying dues with the local lodge a couple years ago, but made it clear that I consider myself inactive. I may become more active once my boys move into a scout troop.

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I am a Vigil Honor member of the Mitigwa Lodge. Yes, our lodge is hosting NOAC this summer. No, I will not be going.


Our council has two camps. At the larger one, ceremonialists wear Hollywood Sioux outfitting (lots of felt and ribbons) and touch the candidates with feathers. At the "other" camp, ceremonialists wear Sauk and Fox outfitting and give the candidates a significant "tap." One can even see a little bit of facepaint from time to time. (gasp..)



Klamachpin Elitehat

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Ordeal 1970 (back when Allowat was about 7 feet tall and the "tap" would buckle your knees!)

Brotherhood 1991

Former Chapter Vice-Chief

Current Associate Chapter Advisor


It's now called a "call-out" ceremony. Sheesh.

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Ordeal '60 Nentico 12

Brotherhood '61 Nentico 12

Vigil Honor '72 Walika 228 (may it rest in peace)


Currently Mosswetusett #52


In addition to getting one's shoulder mauled in the Tap Out, does anyone else remember carving the arrow during the Ordeal and getting it notched for talking, etc?

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Getting a beating on the left shoulder by a seven foot tall man wearing white or being stared at real hard by a man 5'7" tall wearing authentic garb, does the ordeal mean any more or less?


I must confess I'm one of those "what" rather than "how" guys.



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Ordeal: spring 1999 at Camp Wildcat Hollow

Brotherhood: spring 2000 at Camp Wildcat Hollow

Vigil Honor: early 2003 at Camp Wildcat Hollow


I have served on several ceremonies teams. I served in chapter offices in 2000 and 2001. I served as Chief of the White Horse Lodge in 2002. http://www.lodge201.org


From the time I received the Vigil Honor until the present time I have served as chairman of the lodge's Brothers of the Vigil Honor committee. I will likely remain in that capacity until I become an adult Arrowman later this year.


I was not tapped or called out prior to the Ordeal since elections were in the spring and call outs were done at summer camp. That issue has since been addressed, at least in part, by conducting call outs during the spring camporree.


On the issue of tap outs versus call outs, I am starting a new thread on that issue.


Wulelensin Woapalanne(This message has been edited by Proud Eagle)

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Yep, I remember making my own arrow and having them notched...allegedly 3 notches and you were out (never actually saw that happen, though). Now the arrows are pre-made and issued upon call-out.

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Ordeal in '66, Brotherhood in '67, Nanook Lodge, Wastern Alaska Council.


Just getting back active, Echeeoconee Lodge, Central Georgia COuncil.


Buisness partner and his son were tapped , err, called out, doing their Ordeal this weekend.


Will be proudly awaiting them at the fire at the finish!

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Mikinakawa- 101

Summer 1961- elected to the Order of the Arrow- 3 shoulder taps at Camp Wisdom. Ordeal at Camp Wisdom in the Fall. Carved Arrow but received no notches.

1963- Brotherhood Member- Called out at Camp Texoma and completed my Brotherhood there.

Winter 1964- formed Clan Indian Dance Team

*the Hoop Dance was my specialty

1965-1966- Clan Chief

*We planned and carried out a Fall Tap Out with fires, canoes, and Indian dancers. Of course, I was the Chief and I "Tapped Out" my new Brothers.

1966- District Elections Committee

Spring 1967- Vigil Honor called out at Saturday dinner in the Camp Wisdom Dining Hall during the Spring Ordeal.

*our dance team danced for Cub Pack Meetings, many other events, as well as traveling throughout the state.

Summer 1967- Vigil Ceremony- Camp Texoma- Saturday 6:00 P.M. until Sunday A.M.


Then off to college, I transferred to Nishkin Halupa A Pe Lachi- 489 for several years.

*I checked a few years back and the Dance Team continues.


I have recently moved and am presently inactive.




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