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Currently, I'm with a lodge that I'm not too happy with, so I'll leave it nameless.

But, I was tapped out in 1962 becoming an Arrowman with the Wipla Wiki Lodge, which, as far as I'm concern is still one great lodge. For the now, with membership dues coming up, I'm looking for another lodge to hang my tuque(*

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I'm in Sikhs Mox Lamonti 338, Vigil in 1999. I came from Kecelma 305 which merged into Sikhs Mox Lamonti in '95, where I became Brotherhood in '86. I went through my ordeal in T'kope Kwis Kwis 502 in '68.

If you like lodge flaps check out this web site: oaimages.com It has the best and most complete collection of flaps picture. Also if you are wondering where lodges went this will help you figure it out.

Just another note for you young arrowmen, it seems like there are a lot of adult Vigil members. Just remember there are more youth awarded Vigil but in few years they are adults. Sadly we adults can't go the other way.

Now though most of us stay young at heart.


Tyee Tumtum

Chinook jargon for Cheerful Scoutmaster



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NWScouter wrote "Note on tap out, national OA changed it to a call out quite a few years ago. National standards dont allow you to touch the candidates. Rumor has it that some were tapped so hard that there were shoulder separations"


Taleka touches members with a feather when they are called out.


I remember my Tap out. Two of the principals were older boys in my troop. They tapped me out pretty good. Guess they were getting even with me from a prank at summer camp that year. I think my should still hurts from that night, but most people tell me it's old age.



Kloshe Kapho

(This message has been edited by purcelce)

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I was elected into Nacha Mawat Lodge #373 and stayed very active with the Lodge until I went off to college. I took my Vigil in 1980 and had the pleasure of being my father's Vigil Guide in 1983.


I served as Staff Advisor to the Mischogonong Lodge from 1990 -1992.


Now I'm a member of Mascoutens Lodge.



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