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le Voyageur

O.A. members...interested in making history?

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Spent a few hours pondering nldscouts misgivings....so I'll digrest with what I feel is the first order of business for this undertaking. But before going there, I'd like to say that I believe in and support boy led leadership...thus,in order for any lodge to be in support of this will require the lodge leadership to define their role, and their level of involvment in the project,then let the membership body put it to the vote...


Now, in order for this to happen will involve politics, both nationally and internationally plus media attention. So the second order of business will be informing our Congressional and Senatorial leaders of the project asking for their support, and second, bringing the general American public on board through the media so that they will take ownership of their heritage.


Thus, as always, the first order of business is organization and ledership...
















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