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OA may be a nice organization, but...

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Interesting reading...being a "right-coaster" for all my life, I have never heard of Mic-O-Say until I read about it here. I am amazed that the BSA allows an unofficial organization with such similar themes compete with the officially sanctioned Order of the Arrow, which has been an official program of the BSA since 1948.


By the way, I have personally been acquainted with two pedophiles in my life. One was my OA Lodge Advisor and the other was hired by the Council to be the Camp Director. Both were convicted and served prison terms and generated tons of nasty publicity that permanently damaged our program. They were both Eagle scouts and OA Vigil Honor recipients. The Advisor was a Silver Beaver. Pedophiles are probably still walking among our ranks, maybe even reading these posts to get a better understanding of our programs and procedures. Only by being vigilant and rigorously enforcing Youth Protection and the G2SS rules, even when they are inconvenient or you think you are among trustworthy and honorable people, can we deny them of their prey.

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