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I know the order is a bit members only but I have had an interest for a while and even ran a similar organisation here locally about ten years back as an experiment. Now with a few years more experience I am considering a second attempt.


I see it as a way to link our Scouts with Venturers. Our sections do not overlap and the loss between the two is something like 90%. OA should appeal to dedicated Scouts 13-14 years old and our Venturers (15-18 years).


But what does a lodge actually do? High adventure, training courses, local camps, monthly evening meetings? I have ideas of my own but you might have already solved some problems that I can avoid.


PS. Have been to the official oa-bsa sites.


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It would be very hard to explain the OA, what it stands for, how it came about, and all it's intricacies in this forum, but I admire you for wanting this type of program in your country. Instead, I will refer you to the National OA Director to give you information.


Clyde Mayer

Order of the Arrow Director

Boy Scouts of America

P.O. Box 152079

Irving, TX 75015-2079


There is nothing secret about the OA, but it lends itself to be more meaningful to new members the less they know about it beforehand. I think the Scouts of Australia would benefit from such an organization.


Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui.

(that's going to really confuse you)



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In my council the Order of the Arrow improves the summer camp, helps leadership development through higher training, and promotes the aims of scouting through Troop Representatives who, funny enough, represent the OA in the Troop.


Since the scouting program in British Commonwealth nations was structered somewhat differently from the Boy Scouts of America, you'd need to adapt the aims of your program.


We also drew on the rich traditions of "Native Americans" when formulating our program, maybe you could use the aboriginals?


Your ideas/principles are sound, as I've noticed that the greatest number of scouts in my area are lost during what you call venturing. The Order of the Arrow is called the "Brotherhood of Cheerful Service" and that's what works for us. Possibly the Aussie program would have a different focus.


Hope I helped you!



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I'm not sure that Scouts Australia would be much interested but I see a solution that I can try locally. Aboriginal culture will have a significant impact on such a programme and I have been developing ceremonies in my Troop with this end in mind.


We don't have a summer camp tradition however I have been toying with the idea of doing so. Maybe the two ideas go together.


Does your JLT have anything to do with this topic? I have been reading the 'deep question' thread with interest.


Thanks ASM7 I will write when I've looked into it a bit more.

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The JLT happens at the troop level for training of scout leaders. After this training the scout can wear the trained patch. The JLTC is offered to scouts by the council after completing JLT. After completing JLTC, the scout can wear the JLT patch as temporary patch, right chest pocket.

Order of the Arrow is the official Honor Campers Society of the BSA. Our local chapter goes on camping trips and does a lot of community service. They also meet quaterly at scout camp for weekends of fun and fellowship and to work on maintaining the camp. They really feel connected to the camp after giving ownership type labor. OA members also benefit from there own leader training and attend National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) held every two years. It is not a high adventure organization, unless local chapters decide to do something like that. All BSA policies apply. Adult members are non-voting and participate as advisors only.

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