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Sorry guys, I was at a Jethro Tull Concert last night and was too tired to check things out. On the whole, I would have rather been here then there, Ian Anderson can still play the flute, but the music was uninspired. I would have done better blasting my best of Tull tape up to "11"




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Since they're alternate spellings for each other I'd guess it's due to the preference of the author.


What I'm wondering about is why one lodge in PA apparently requires candidates to be at least 13. Oh well I guess they kind of make up for it by only requiring 14 nights of camping instead of 15. :p

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From the "Random House Unabridged Dictionary:"



1. one who gives advice.

2. Education. a teacher responsible for advising students on academic matters.

3. a fortuneteller.


Also, advisor.

[Origin: 1605-15; advise + -er]

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