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Question on OA procedures

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We have a question on OA fund raising practises. We have a very weak OA district organization. Most youth run off by adult members. Recently reorganized the youth elected to do a fund raising activity to inhance the designated camporee and camping facilty within the district. The youth were told by the adults after the decision that they can hold no funds and any funds raised must be turned over to council. Council decides whether to release funds to project. Accordingly having final say on whether project is worthy. Historicaly funds raised and sent council have gone to council projects not district. Many youth wonder if effort to reorganize worth trouble. Is this the practise within other councils and nation wide. When adults asked reason for practise they state fear of funds being stolen by youth. If the youth are in Scouting what is this teaching them? or is it just a power struggle between adult and youth members? Seems unfair youth OA members cant do projects at campsites they are not allowed to run camporees or concessions which are overseen by adults in their little power niche. Is this all practise throughout other councils and is this OA rules?

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Our Chapter has had various fund raising programs over the years. The fundraisers have to meet BSA requirements, but since this is a Chapter fund drive for a Chapter project, it is administered by the Chapter. This is youth leadership with adult advisership. There's no need to make things any more difficult. An adult advisor may choose to hold on to the funds. There may even be a bank account in the Chapter's name with the appropriate required adult involvement.


When our Chapter performs projects for the Council, usually at one of the Camps, we certainly get permission to do so from appropriate Council people. But once the project is planned and approved by the Council, the Chapter takes it from there. Our Council welcomes all of our Chapters in our Lodge to support our Council facilities at ANY time. This is in addition to the three Ordeals that are executed at our main Camp, each year.


Sounds like the youth and adult advisors need training, so everyone knows how to get this Chapter GROWING again. Youth leadership can be "turned off" quickly, when the adult advisors take over. GET THAT TRAINING!!!!!!!



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The method of handling funds sounds consistent with the way that our lodge and chapters work. I don't think that our lodge even has a separate bank account, much less a chapter. I don't know why this is so, but we have had no problem making the system work. It seems odd that someone at the council level would communicate this kind of message about council control of funds. You may be talking to the wrong person.

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