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Michael Beck method?

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I would order the more expensive stuff sparingly....especially if your going to get stuck with it if your boys don't sell it.


I would load up on the cheaper offerings.....We had a $10 carmel in a bag last year we sold about $1800 . then the next was the micro wave corn....



4 hour shifts are too much for cub age boys....

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I'm in Heart of Ohio Council and got to see the presentation directly from Michael Beck. We've had units that followed his plan increase their sales significantly over the last 2 years (when we began the Beck method).


Popcorn info will be available at heartofohiocouncil.org sometime next week.


Our council switched to Campmasters after Trails End went to the dog food bags. Campmasters still does tins. It's been good for us so far.

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Well we did our first set of show and sells after the 1st delivery using this method. The second set of show and sells at the second popcorn delivery i changed a bit from what I learned the first time. some notes:


1. 4 hours is a tad bit too long for the Cub Scouts. Maybe some kids can do it, and ours did do it, but I changed the time on the second set of show and sells to 3 hours and that was just about right. The kids earned enough to make it worthwhile (4 kids in a group)

2. Beck recommended to just get a little bit of grease and higher price point items. Next year our show and sells will be 99% stocked with the $10/$15 tins/microwave only. I believe that while making a $20 sale is better than one $10 sale, from what I saw the boys could have sold a lot more $10 tins. We had people walking away who had $10 bills pulled out of their wallets when we had none left. Although I think our intake of money to the pack itself would still be the same, as people who probably would have paid $10 for the tin gave us $2-4 dollars donations which would have been our pack's profit of a $10 tin anyways.

3. We gave the kids index cards with the presentation speed on it to read to customers if they had problems memorizing it or were too nervous to remember it while speaking. Usually by the end of the shift they didn't need the cards anymore, but they helped intially to get them confident and in the groove of speaking to people.



But one think I found totally true is that when the kids went up to people and did the presentation, it was literally 90% of the people they spoke to bought popcorn or gave a few dollars donation. It was literally proven to the fact that the kids would go up to people and start speaking and the people would slow down and eventually stop and then do the donation or make a purchase. If the kids hadn't spoken to them they would have just walked on by. Probably only about 20% of the sales/donations we got were from people who actually came up to us ready and willing.


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