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Getting parents to pay

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Papadaddy, well said.


There are differences in what constitutes a financial crisis. I've noticed many families that claim dire straits are living way beyond their means--expensive cars, shoes, furniture, vacations, boats, fifth wheels and the like. It's their given right, of course, to live thusly.


They loudly squawk at the modest cost of re-registering Little Johnny, or his cut of the patrol's food bill for the weekend.


On the other hand, there always seems to be enough money for another ugly tattoo....


The families with genuine crisis--terminally ill child, lost jobs, facing foreclosure? Behind the scenes, I'll move heaven and earth to help them.

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"FUNDRAISING (hooray!)"

Great answer.

Still I can't help but think we covered that when I posted:


"Look for ways to ensure that this never happens again.

Either by have fund raising events or having parents maintain a set amount in their "Scout Account" at all times."

Fund raising events are great and in some Packs for Some families are much needed.

But when a parent doesn't turn in the amount raised, as with the parent who has stolen the $200.00 They do no good what so ever.

Of course it is sad when a kid suffers because of what his parents do or don't do.

But it's a fact of life that Cub Packs do not have an endless supply of cash to cover money that is stolen from them.

Who pays for Scouting?

When I was a CM we had about 70 Cub Scouts in the Pack.

We offered the parents opportunities to raise money or if they for what ever reason didn't want to be involved with fund raising they could just pay out of their own funds.

The cost back then ran about $120.00 a year for the program we offered, not including resident camp.

We had a couple of families that needed a hand and we found ways of helping them.

This is very different than a family just helping themselves and causing harm to everyone.

No one ever wants to see a kid hurt or punished but when it comes to funding there isn't an endless supply of cash.

Taking something that doesn't belong to you or that wasn't given to you is theft.

As a values driven program we don't and never will reward theft.



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Few units have an endless supply of cash -- no argument there. However, to the best of our knowledge, it was the parents that stole the money and not the kid. Yet, we are punishing the kid for the sins of the fathers.

Whether Dad drives a brand new Escalade or a 25 year old Honda Civic is not important. Many just can't handle money, can't plan ahead, and spend impulsively. True, some seem to be genetically endowed mooches. All the more reason kid needs to be in our program for the character building.

Experience is a hard taskmaster. The popcorn debt was allowed slide way too long. This was the fault of the unit. A personal visit is needed; a payment plan worked out. But, the kid needs to be invited back in. He just doesn't get the tee-shirts or the Boys Life until he's all paid up.

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I am dismayed......Our Pack is a victim of it's own success......I have watched helplessly as we become monochromatic....... Our finances and financial needs are changing too.....



Had one of the new Moms fill out a campership application, she is on our facebook page...... where she regularly checks in from scouts karate lessons, soccer practice, expensive restaurants, showing off her new shoes, and manicured finger nails on and on and on.......


Well the CC put it to the committee vote and said there was no financial need.....



Yes the scout suffers because the parent is financially irresponsible..... I make sacrifices for scouting, for my son and others......she can make sacrifices for her son too.......Local council is charging $1400 for jambo......Son is going and I am nearly half way done paying for the program cost.



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Our council "fronts" popcorn to units. I think a unit should "front" the corn to families that show an interest in fundraising. Some level of trust is not a bad thing.

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I have witnessed people I know fall on hard times.

The club I belong to has lost members who were down sized.

People who thought and looked like they had the world by the tail.

People who have had to dip into their retirement savings just to keep their head above water.

Seeing and hearing of anyone falling on hard times is always sad.

Because the membership of the club is down the club has had to let some of the staff who work there go.

Waiters and cooks who were earning a little above minimum wage.

These people were having a rough ride before things went south. They don't have the savings to dip into.

I know these people and I can never see any of them stealing from a Pack.

But were they to ask for financial aid? I think it goes without saying who would come first. - The laid off workers.

Is this fair to the other group and their kids?

Maybe not.

Sad to say that's life.

It still doesn't make taking something that is not your's right.

Kids get caught up in what their parents do or fail to do all the time.

If I hadn't paid my house payments, there is a good chance I might have lost my house. As my son lived there is it fair that he could have lost his home as well?

I really don't see the bank saying "Oh you have a son, don't worry about the payment". It just doesn't work that way.

Kids do carry the burden of the choices that their parents make.


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