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New member from Wisconsin

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Hi, I am a new member from Wisconsin and my son has recently joined the boy scouts. I was not in scouting as a kid but am looking forward very much to getting involved as a scout leader. My first question is can you tell me when and where basic adult leader training is? Who would I contact locally to find out.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Dave

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Welcome to the forum, there's lots of great scouters and information here.


I'd suggest you first start with your District Executive, he should know what is available, or how to contact your District Training Chair.


Depending on your role, you might be able to start with the fast start training, and move up to the more position specific program training from there. Welcome to scouting, you'll find that the experience is unparallelled in anything.



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Welcome to the forums!


Finding information out about training may take a couple of steps, but it can be done.


You should begin by finding out which council you're in. You can do that by typing your zip code at the "council locator" spot at www.scouting.org -- that's National's Web Site.


They'll probably point you to your council's web site and, even if the training information is not up to date, the people information probably is. Then call the council service center and ask about training.


Let us know how it works out.



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I am also from WI and new to Boyscouts. I would start with the "Fast Start" video. You can get a copy from your scoutmaster or your local council office. Your scoutmaster may also know when the training events in your area will be held. If not, your local council can put you in touch with your district exec, who should know. Youth Protection training is also a must and can be completed on-line. See your council for details, or email me back. I have them.


I commend you for wanting to go to the training. I had a blast at mine, and enjoy all the adventures with my son!

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