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Missing popcorn money...

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I would make a personal visit (include some women). Be polite & warm, and work out a payment plan. If you gave the popcorn to the Cub - a minor - there's not much else you can do.

While there, say you've missed the Cub, you've got these great activities coming up (list), and does he need a ride to the meeting.

I like money up front, or at least turned in weekly

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Hello Dances----



It may be that the police would be of no help, just as you describe.


I'd find out though. If they say no, then you know.


In the case of some youth group Treasurer's who spent the checking account on personal consumption around here, they are being prosecuted.


Police might well decide that ripping off the Cub Scouts for $400 still merits their attention. If a detective showed up at someone's door investigating whether a theft had occurred, do you suppose thye family might be motivated to pay the money back to avoid having the prosecutor decide whether to file a criminal charge?


As I say, worth a try would be my assessment.

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Being served a summons to Small Claims Court might get the message across. In my state it costs $40.


We sell popcorn, money is due upon ordering. The troop does not take checks, any checks are made payable to the seller, the seller writes one check to the troop for the Scout's entire order. This cuts down on the troops exposure to bounced checks. The thought is the seller probably knows the person they are selling to and are in a better position to recoup a bounced check. I think your unit needs to rethink how it's handling popcorn money.


I've found it is bad business to loan or front money to Scouts or parents. On many occasions I have bought lunch at a fast food place on the way home from a trip for a Scout who doesn't have money. I don't expect to be paid back, it saves me a lot of grief just considering it a gift. Dues and trip fees I don't cover, the troop has a fund to assistance if needed.(This message has been edited by Eagle732)

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Decisions which commit your CHARTERED PARTNER's REPUTATION to bad news in the local paper or TV need to be taken to the IH and COR FIRST. Let them instruct you on how to deal with this. They may well be OK with going to the police or small claims court. They may have other ideas as well.


An article in the local paper: "Cub Scout Pack 4321 has Mrs Smith arrested for theft" do not go over well with the good people of the community who charter your units. It your money as well as reputation in the community, it's also their reputation in the community. Remember, they own the unit.




There are times when permission is better than forgiveness.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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Man, what a thread. JinKC has the first part of it. Do NO legal action before conferring with the COR,IH.

But first, find a way to allow the family to "do the right thing" . Do not make it impossible for them to be "Trustworthy" or faithful to their own desire to pay their debts.

A friendly visit. Expression of empathy. Payment plan. Invite the Cub back with his friends. Everyone has it hard these days, Cub Packs included.

Single mom? Out of work dad? Medical troubles? Could be lots of unknown dynamics. Could another Cub Mom be a contact to keep help on the horizon?


Our Troop sells Christmas (holiday?) decorations thru November for delivery the first week of December. Order in advance, pay by check or cash up front. We order about 20% more , just in case a mistake is made, and also to stock some sidewalk sales in local shopping centers. Nothing is "fronted", never had a problem.

Our Cub Pack sells P/C (which is one reason the Troop doesn"t. Same neighborhoods!) and does the same thing. Cash/check up front for delivery in a couple of weeks, then a sidewalk sale or two. They do amaaaazingly well. No "fronting" the product.

Very sorry to hear of such things. Time for a rethink of the funding project.

God speed and goodluck.

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was the popcorn given to the Cub, or to the Cub's parents? In most states, parents are not responsible for the actions of their children. It then makes no sense to sue CubMom for something the Cub did or didn't do. You can't sue the Cub either; he's a minor.

That's why you need to use honey instead of vinegar. Reach out, draw them back into Cubbing first, then work out a payment plan or an equivalent.

Now if Cubparents signed for the popcorn, different story


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I would not let this boy back to any Pack functions until the parents pay up and I wouldn't worry about the Pack reputation. You are not the bad guys.


Maybe it's time to not front the popcorn before payment is received.

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The Committee Chairman sent an email to the family informing them that if they did not pick up their popcorn that the Pack would sell it to recoup the Pack's money. The CC also called and spoke to the nine year olds mom and dad... telling them the need to pick up the popcorn.


Result: Family failed to make contact with the pack popcorn coordinator... The popcorn is going to be sold by other boys. Meanwhile, the boy has still not registered and recharter is due next week.



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So the pack still has the popcorn, the family has the money? How did the family collect the money without having the corn? I know when I bought corn from the little cubbie who came to my door, I ordered it, when he showed up a few weeks later with the corn, I gave him the coin. He gave me the corn.


If they collected the money on the order but never delivered, thats between them and the family.

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I don't know, now I have a hard time with this one.


You (the Pack) has the popcorn. You're out money. In our units we have turned in the order sheet, so that popcorn is returned, and then we get that back with the popcorn.


Do you know who ordered the popcorn from the scout? If you do, I have a hard time not giving them the popcorn that they did actually pay for.


I think it's important to protect BSA's public image and turning the popcorn over to those that purchased it would be ideal!

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This is a horse of a different color.


The Pack has had the popcorn all along and the issue has been that the family never picked it up?


That's a far cry from stealing $400 from the Pack. You have the popcorn to sell, the Pack is not out any money at all yet.


What did you use to order their popcorn? Did they give you their order sheet with everyone's name and order on it? Are any marked "paid"?



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