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Saw a good funraiser before Christmas

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I was at Barnes & Nobels bookstore 2 days before christmas and there were 2 Boy Scouts, 2 sisters (GS Cadets) and 2 moms that had a "free gift wrapping station". A donation jar was out, but no direct solicitation for the donation.


The boys swapped in & out from singing carols to wrapping books (as the line allowed).


As an ASM in a Troop in a nearby town I was interested, and I wanted as closer look. It also turned out I wanted to get some books I bought wrapped.


The boys were raising $ for them to go to Philmont and had a small poster next to the donation jar. From the line I would say they were fairly successful.


I observed:

#1 - Good fund raiser as the estimated $ of wrapping paper used per customer was significantly less than the amount I saw donated per customer and the need they filled wrapping gifts was appreciated.


I had 3 books wrapped and I dropped a $5 in the jar, guessing ~75% profit.


#2 - the boys were warm and secure.


#3 Any unused paper/tape could be shelved for next year.

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We did this one Christmas at Border's, many years back, with our Girl Scouts. They were rasing funds for their Gold Award. The nice thing about Border's was they supplied all paper, tape, ribbon, etc. All we had to bring was ourselves, a sign saying who we were, and our donation box!


Needless to say, we had to sign up for our time slots VERY, VERY, early!

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There are units up this way that do this every year. This year, I saw one troop at LL Bean's Freeport store doing this. I'll bet there's a waiting list for that spot.


Fifteen years back in my SM days, my troop did this over the weekend before Christmas at the local BigBox Store and took in over $700 here in the Maine Wilderness.


TIP: Have your scouts PRACTICE before hand on how to properly wrap gifts neatly by using empty boxes and newspaper.(This message has been edited by moxieman)

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