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Non-selling fundraisers

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Weeeell... We've been thru the donations versus earning your money, asking for handouts versus accepting money for something of value. Check with your Commissioner.

I don't think I'd put the "donations accepted" box out but "dollar a bottle" might be okay. 'Course, if they hold out a check you didn't ask for, that's another subject. Might consider a service project to acknowledge the contribution, none the less.

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Oh, almost forgot. Here's an idea I heard about.

Troop sets up at the local shopping mall (with permission, of course.).

Big sign reads " Troop xyz, Tent set up and folding service" "only $Z.ZZ. per tent." " Don't have a tent? Rent one! Only $Q.QQ per hour"


Scouts set up and take down tents as the public "rents" and pay for the "service" of folding...


I have no idea how this worked out, but it sounded like fun.

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Here's an odd one:


Our state allows "charitable gaming", basically small casinos less slot machines. BUT: as a condition of state approval the gaming house must distribute 35% of their gross proceeds to 501C3 nonprofits. So the distribution is a condition of their being allowed to ahve the business. Neither kids nor parents are involved in any way other than to pick up a check periodically.


If our Troop (or sponsor) is a 501C3, can we sign up for this???



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Our Troop has a continuous fundraiser, in that we buy gift cards from the local grocery store at 5% less than face value.

In other words, the troop pays $95.00 for a $100.00 gift card.

The CC takes gift card orders from the parents in the Troop, plus a few friends of the Troop, once a month. The cost to those who purchase the card(s) is, of course, the face value of the card(s). The CC then places the order for the gift cards with the grocery store. The CC then distributes the cards when they are delivered.

It works out very well, since we all go to the grocery store, and we have to spend the money anyway. It is just helping ourselves and our sons. The Troop makes enough money from this one fundraiser to pay for the monthly outings for the boys.

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Her's another: Troop organizes around putting on a play or variety show. Sell adds in the program (which also details the history of the Troop and it's activities!). Work on Drama MB, while you're at it.


Publicity! Sell refreshments!

Work with local theater group or theater!

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Chachkaguy, your idea is a no go. Games of chance are not allowed by the rules on the Unit Money-Earning application.


Selling raffle tickets or other games of chance is a

direct violation of the BSA Rules and Regulations,

which forbid gambling. The product must not

detract from the ideals and principles of the BSA.




You are able to ask for donations because you are offering a something that has value. We staffed a rest stop on I5, the agreement with Washington DOT was that we could not sell or ask for a donation for the coffee, cookies or bug juice but they had a slot in the counter with a sign for donations. We did well. If it's bottle water, you can get them at Costco or place like that for about 15 cents, so it should make some money and you should be able to get rid of the unsold to parents in your unit for at least cost.


All commercial products must sell on their own

merits, not the benefit received by the Boy Scouts.

The principle of value received is critical in choosing

what to sell.



The snow 'insurance' idea would fail with the principle of value received, as also would the tent folding service renting out tents to then fold them up because in both cases there is no true value received the only reason someone purchases it is because it is going to the Boy Scouts.

Even though the only reason purchases overprice products like popcorn or candy from youth groups is to support them. They at least get something of value.

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Since our state has a .10 bottle deposit we do a can and bottle drive after big party days like Memorial day labor day, supper bowl etc. We usually clear around $500.

we also have free access to a dunk tank that the local community fair lets us set up. 3 shots for a buck. Uyou would be surprised how many people want to dunk the mayor.

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Selling raffle tickets is not only against BSA policy, but is probably also against your state law. You may, however, used your donated items as door prizes and as items for silent auctions held in conjunction with your event.

If your chartering org happens to be a church (for example) that runs registered weekly bingo, and the profits go into their general fund for all church activities, then any help they want to give the troop would be OK as long as they help their other groups equally well

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Okay, this wasn't my pack, but when the family and I went to Daytona for The Budweiser Shootout, we obviously had t0o park somewhere. Well, forget the $50 parking across the street from the speedway!

So we actually saw a parking lot that was about 3 acres in size, that only asked for a donation of $20.

Turns out it was a Daytona beach Cub Scout pack. I didn't catch the den or pack number as I was too involved with scouting at the time.


But from what I gathered from one of the adults, the pack asked if they could rent a portion of the airport parking lot for a "nominal fee". It was $50 or something close to that.


Now here's the kicker: The cub scout (with adult supervision) directed and parked the spectators. They collected $20 a car, and every other race fan I talked to were glad that

1) They were supporting a great cause and,

2) supporting that cause saved alot of money as we only parked about 100 yards farther than the $50 parking lots.

$20 was the "donation" listed, but most fans paid $30 or $40 and still came out ahead.


Okay, so you don't have a NASCAR raceway in your town. How about a county fair, festival,or city event?

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We are attempting a new fundraiser for our troop. Chili's restaurant (I don't know if it is nationwide) has fund-raising nights. You sign up, get a flyer for the chosen night, and give it to as many people as possible, encouraging them to eat at Chili's that chosen day between 4pm and 11pm. For every group that gives the server the flyer you handed out when they dine, your group gets a portion of the total bill (minus taxes, tip, etc). They add up all the tickets with flyers at the end of the evening and the group gets 10%. I am told they would cut us a check about two weeks later.


We are planning it on our meeting night and will position people at the door with copies of the flyer and ask them to please hand it to their server when they pay. This is the first time we are trying this so I have no idea how this will turn out...I'll let you know.


We are going on February 18th, so please hope for good weather!!

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Golden Corral has a celebrity fund raiser night that units can do. It is where you basically go in and replace the wait staff. all tips are your groups. I have considered bringing this up to our pack and see what the parents think. Also it may work for the older boys scouts as they are not restricted by the local health and safety laws.

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NW Scouter


The idea that Chachkaguy is talking actually has no youth or BSA involvment. It is saying that according to the state laws the mini gaming sites must provide a 35% donation to a charitable organization. They chose to give it to the scouts. It does not sound like the scouts were there or they were diredctly involved. Just accepting the donation.

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