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Anyone have additional info on Trails End Recall b/c of Peanut-butter Salmonella scare?

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Received a press release via my CC, via the council's popcorn "general" regarding a voluntary recall of the 9.5 oz Trails End Caramel Corn, because of a possible link on some batches to the Peanut Corp. of America's nationwide recall due to potential Salmonella contamination.


Anyone on the forums have additional information?


I am planning on calling my council office and Trails End tomorrow to get more info and guidance. The e-mail from our council popcorn chair "recommends" passing along the press release to anyone that we sold the 9.5 oz product to. Heck, we can do that for individual sales, but almost 50% of our sales were show-n-sell in front of local retailers!! We have no idea who bought from us- they paid, we handed them product - its gone!


Seems to me, this shoud be a manufacturer's recall issue and at worst an issue for BSA national or council to address to the buying public. Why would they want the local units to try and contact people?


Anyone getting any info from their local councils?


Link to the Press Release is below:




Any additional info would be appreciated.





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Like RememberSchiff pointed out, it is a federal recall. Since the product was just sold through the Boy Scouts, Weaver sent the release to all Councils and asked them to get the word out.


It seems a tad overboard that your Council is expecting you to contact everyone that bought the product from you. I have seen notifications from four different Councils and none of them instructed leaders to contact everyone who bought it. My guess is its a Professional going a tad overboard.


In all reality it appears this is a big waste of time and PR. Though I suppose better safe than sorry...

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Yeah- I got clarification from council late Friday. They just want everyone to be in the know and have the press release to give out IF someone requests additional information.


They backed of the contacting of consumers who purchased it.


Funny though - the Weaver press release had specific lots ID'd, and when I asked, our council stated that they hadn't been told if these specific lots actually shipped to our council or not !! Would have been the 1st thing I'd asked if I was a pro @ council. Plus, what good is it for a company to put lot numbers on their products if they cannot quickly and accurately TRACK to whom a cretain lot ships ?!?!? Isn't that knid of the point to having a lot number in the first place?


I agree it slikely being over careful - but geeesh... glad it didn't REALLY need to be recalled...

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