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So what do you do for a living?

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I'm a helicopter pilot for the US Navy.

Okay, then I"ll play nice.  

I build aircraft carriers for Her Majesty :-D

I am a medical technologist specializing in Transfusion Services at a 350 bed non-profit hospital in my state's capital city. Fairly busy cardiac surgery service and a 100,000+ annual visits to the ER (level II trauma center) keeps us hopping. Service to others in need of quality health care reinforces Scouting principles in my work life.

Currently ASM for a troop of about 30 fellows. My son is a Life scout--all "done" but for the project. I was a First Class Cadette GS--way back before Silver and Goal awards.

My best job was a summer camp staff position at a GS camp located 17 miles south of Camp Parsons on beautiful Hood Canal. My co-leaders and I took groups of 13-15 year olds on 4-5 day long backpacking treks in Olympic National Park's backcountry.

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Well other than being a dad and a husband, Im retired,

Brown Water River Rat for a short time VN, USN

Commercial Fisherman ( Masterharpooner , sharks, swordfish, tuna)Some hardhat diving

(some would say that Ive been smuggler ,pirate) But not true

Park Ranger, Wildlife Game Warden, Police office

Toy maker

I know there where a few more jobs in there somewhere


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I'm a professional Sonographer (ultrasound) & I've just started as the Director of 2 new degree programs at Oklahoma State University for Cardiovascular Ultrasound. I'm the Cubmaster of a Pack in Edmond , Oklahoma & just finished my Woodbadge & was beaded last week. I've been one busy scouter for the past 2 yearsbut wouldn't give it up for anything!





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Below are the professions of the SMs and ASMs of the three active troops in Americus, Georgia.

a. Owner of timber thinning company

b. Owner of a wholesale gasoline delivery company

c. Photographer

d. Retired

e. Physician

f. Pharmacist

g. Maintenance

h. Insurance Sales


Mike Greene

Americus, Georgia

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Biomedical Engineer. Emergency field service for a company that sells blood chemistry analyzers and blood testing equipment for the Red Cross, hospital and reference lab enviroments. Going on 25 yrs now.


Currently SM of a troop and working hard to figure out how to to the job. Looked easy when I was a ASM (14 yrs :)) and loving every minute of it. Confused but loving it all.


Eagle scout, two boys both Eagles. One is a junior in college and the other a Medic in the Army ( one tour under his belt so far).


Wifes first words when I let her know that I was considering SM were "NO,NO, NO!" then "Have a good time". What a trooper!!!!




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I own a small t-shirt store in our local mall. We specialize in airbrushing T-shirts, front vanity license plates, etc., but my education is in automated manufacturing and design.

It's really amazing at the wide variety of professions and backgrounds of those on this forum, from white-collar to blue-collar, high-tech to low-tech.

On the Scouting front, I'm currently the pack's ACM after serving as a DL for Wolf, Bear, WEB1 and WEB2. Also serving as a Committee member for the troop we crossed into at B&G.

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I am assistant to the director of the Greenwood Genetic Center, a nonprofit diagnostic and research institute that looks for the genetic causes of birth defects and mental retardation.


I am a computer science major, but use very little of that in my job. I write and layout PR publications and brochures, press releases on GGC events, maintain the website for GGC and two others for annual international conference that we host (and that I help plan and coordinate).


All the other little things I do from day-to-day are just to numerous to mention.


My other full time job is Scoutmaster of Troop 313!

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Since I last posted on this thread almost 3 years ago, I have found a better niche. I now manage the networking group for a local university in Houston as my daytime job. This position has allowed me a lot more time with my three sons! My other real jobs are:

- ASM for the troop

- DL for the Pack

- Member of the District Committee

- Chess coach for local chess team

- Assistant coach for my 2nd son's b-ball team

- Assistant coach for my youngest soccer team

- coach my oldest in tennis.

- Assistant taxi driver for the boys to their violin or piano lessons, reporting to the "boss lady."



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I get paid for being the Chief Financial Officer for a national lending institution.


The rest of my time is spent being the best husband and father I can be, working with scouts, youth ministry, church planting, home remodeling (almost done), playing tennis, visiting civil war battlefields, writing, reading, etc. etc.



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I am an EHS manager for a large manufacturing group responsible for 13 plants (as of now). My company has even let our troop use a woods on one of our properties for camping and pioneering projects.


I have to ask this question since I cannot answer it - who was Dsteele and what happened to him? He seemed to be very active at the time this thread was started, but now there is nothing listed in his profile. The last post I found of his was in April of 2004

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EHS = Environmental, Health and Safety?


Dave Steele (aka "Man-O-Steele") was (is) a professional Scouter whose job was eliminated due to financial problems. When he moved to a different council, he quit participating. I wondered at the time if he were "encouraged" to quit participating. We all enjoyed his frank and honest view from the Professional side, and I for one, miss his contribution. I sure did learn a lot about what the district level Professional is faced with on a daily basis, and it changed my attitude toward the ones I work with.

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