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Truly desperate

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Hi all, been a few days since I have been here as I have been busy trying to keep the ship afloat with a thimble. It is not working. Here is the jist of it:

If my pack (now down to 16 boys) can't come up with some money quickly we can't:

1. recharter

2. hold a court of honor

3. pass our awards

4. do anything

We are so broke that we can't even pay attention. It doesn't get any worse than this. The scratch off cards were a flop (yeah I know I told them so too). All the local shops are already booked for selling items (ie: bake sale) and our next meeting is Dec 7th.

My den is devasted that they won't get what they have earned. 2 worked really hard to get their wolf and 4 new ones worked just as hard to get their bobcat. My parents are willing. Please give me some ideas for a quick profit. I can't let these boys down.


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It's probably not the best time of year for it, but you are in Tennessee where the climate is a bit more comfortable.


I don't know how much you'll make, but you'll make enough to cover awards. Have a garage sale.


Each boy in the pack contributes something from his family. Price it fairly, and assign a number to each family. Label the item with the number of the donor's family and give them 25% of the purchase price in a "Scout Account." Keep a log book. The rest of the profit goes into the pack account.


Keep your December 7 pack meeting date, but change it to a "garage sale item turn in and inventory" meeting. Plan another pack meeting for December 14th and have a Pack Christmas party -- including awards, with the profits from your sale.


You don't have time (probably) or the money to pay for an ad in the paper, but a few Cub made signs placed strategically can get the word out.


Just a thought.


Ya said ya were desperate :)



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A suggestion, go to your local Chamber of Commerce and ask if you can set up a booth in a central park to "help save the pack". The stories you have told here would make good press and give the pack and city some good publicity. Then make some christmas decorations, mistletoe, wreaths, whatever and deck out your booth with lights etc. Have your boys in uniform and the people will come and buy an leave donations like you wont believe. Make sure you let the paper know in advance so they can advertise it for you. I did this with my inner city troop a few years ago and made $1,200 on a three day weekend. All it takes is some faith. Good Luck to you.

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Bob is correct that you / the pack needs to contact the district and or the council.

Awards in Cub Scouting are presented at a pack meeting. The Wolf and Bobcat patches are less than $2.00 each. You might have to ask the parents to pay for them.

While the CO has no obligation to help I feel sure that if someone presented the case of what is happening they might help if only with some sort of a loan.

What is most upsetting is how the pack ended up in this situation. A pack budget is a must.

This is clearly a case of people not doing things by the book and the end result is that our Scouts suffer and leaders become disgusted.

If the Cub Scouts in the pack are from a financially distressed area the Council might have funds in Scoutreach or some-other budget that might help you out.

I strongly urge the members of the pack committee to attend NLE's and pay special attention to the "Who Pays For Scouting" presentation. The Cubmaster, the CC, along with the pack treasurer need to get their hands on the Cub Scout Leader book and read it.

The Unit Commissioner can through the District Commissioner ask that someone from the District Finance Committee attend a pack committee meeting and explain how to plan and work with a pack budget.


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