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Fundraising Ideas Needed

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Some fundraising ideas for your troop--1)staff a "safety break" at a rest stop on an interstate--provide home baked goods, fruit, coffee, tea, and milk, for donations only


2) pick fruit (grapes in this area)


3) do clean up after a festival (group sponsoring festival gives donation to troop)


4) sell glo sticks at 4th of july fireworks or carnival



Divide profit by man hours to determine hourly rate for each scout. Keep careful records of hours worked by each scout. Parents do not get credit unless they worked shift by themselves. Has worked well for us in the past.

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Since last month our plans have shown some profit!


This weekend we earned:

sausage sizzle sales $504.30

mothers day hanging baskets $190.80

first aid kits $191.00


We are into profit on all except the hanging baskets as our late planting and less than sunny weather has not produced many flowers. We have almost broken even on that one and hope to off load the rest at local markets as they flower.


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Hi ScoutParent,

I would like to know more about the Safety Break that you mentioned. Could you please give me some more details for that seems interesting. You see this year we could not do out annual car wash due to water restrictions.


Some of the fundraiser that we do as a pack is with the pinewood derby the parents and siblings can enter as well at 5$ per car. Also we do a bake sell and last year with about 20 baked good we brought in nearly 350$. Nothing sold under 10 and one went up to 65. The kids baked them and the kids bid on them with the parents permission.


My two bits



Pack 37

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Forgive my "intrusion" in this forum, but I think my company may offer some fundraising products of interest. (I often monitor discussions of this type for ideas and/or feedback.)


Scouting troops nationwide have used our programs - pizzaprofits and/or ONE - to meet their fundraising objectives.



(Everyone loves pizza. Your group needs money. That's where we come in!)

Discount Cards which sell for $12. You generally earn $7 per Card. Choose your favorite pizzeria - Domino's, Pizza Hut or Papa John's, etc. Minimum order of only 50 Cards.



(your favorite stuff. big, big savings. one card.)

Discount Card with 15 - 22 offers from local merchants of your choosing. You profit to $10 per Card!! We do all the work in getting the offers from the merchants. Minimum order: 100 Cards.


With these very popular programs, troops can generally earn $300 - $3000 in about two weeks. Very easy and your supporters love the savings!!


Love to talk with any of you about it: 800 276 3863.


Michael Pope


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Check out WatkinsOnline.com.


19 to 33% profit from Watkins, in business since 1868. Yes! Since 1868.


Based on self use of products families use every day. NO DOOR TO DOOR!


You do NOT handle products. Order direct and the products are shipped right to your door.


J. R. Watkins originated the money-back guarantee if not satisfied with his "Trial Mark" bottle.


All the details at www.WatkinsOnline.com. Please use my ID# 049095 if interested.


Scouting background furnished if requested.


Thanks, John

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Hello! My name is Jennifer Styczen. I am with Learning Resources, Inc. We are an educational toy and classroom materials company. We are launching a new fundraising program and looking for organizations interested in helping us test the program before we launch it nationwide. Our fundraising catalog features more than 100 educational toys for ages 3-13. No door-to-door selling, 100% product satisfaction guarantee, we count the money and accept credit cards, and we can ship the orders directly to the purchasers home. For more information on our new fundraising program log on to www.learningresources.com/fundraising.


If you have any further questions about the program feel free to contact me at jstyczen@learningresources.com or Lana Simon at lsimon@learningresource.com or call 1-800-222-3909 ext.361



Jennifer Styczen

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We do Labor Day and Memorial Day hamburger and hotdog sales at Wal-Mart. Nets about 1500 a year. Many of the consumables will be donated if an effort is made. Check into matching donations of some stores. Some will match to some extent the amount of money made by the troop for a particular fund raiser.

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The rules of fundraising can be found on the back of the Unit Money Earning Application form. It requires the unit to offer a service, product or performance that is a fair value to the customer. That would mean that as a fundraiser, units could not ask for a cash donation outright.


However this rule does not preclude a unit from recieving donations of cash, products or services to use as an element of the fundraiser. reducing the cost of the fundraiser in order to increase profitability of the event would seem to me to be a good use of local resources and totally within the fundraising rules of the BSA.


That being said, I would not go begging for donations. I prefer to go to a retailer, tell them about the event and ask them if there was any way they might be able to help us be more profitable or raise more money. I have had some offer discounts, some donate money or goods, and others who directed me to someone who could be of greater assistance. All are good things. This approach allows the retailer to determine their own comfort level of assisting us and it allows us to increase profits while maintaining our dignity.


Bob White

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If you plan on doing any fundraising with food you need to check with your local Health Department first. They usually have strict rules for handling food. We have to have someone present at all times who has been trained in foodservice. If not, we risk large fines and possible lawsuits.

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We also do a traffic safety coffee break that was started this year at New Years. It was at our Welcome Center operated on the Interstate. I discussed this in a thread earlier and we also were going to use a donation bucket for the scouts, however this was frowned upon because this was treated as a good deed and scouts shouldn't expect pay for a good deed. I agreed and we used the donation bucket to allow people to give to Students Against Violence Everywhere, a national program started at the high school I attended. I urge everyone to re-evaluate the activities of the troop. If it is an activity that you deem as a good deed or even a service project, we shouldn't expect or accept donations for it. That is supposedly how this all got started. By the way, everyone who stops enjoys the break from a long journey and it just prevent an accident. That is payment enough. By the way, because it was not a fundraiser, we could wear our uniforms.

We just did our first pine needle sale. Check it out as a fundraiser.


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I'm replying on the forum so others may use the info. I've never been to Australia, so I don't know if you have Pine trees there. If not, they are an evergreen tree very prevalent in the Southern US. The leaves are long thin needles. People here use then instead of mulch to go around flower and shrubbery beds.

Our committee chair organized this so I don't know the name of the company that supplied them for us. But I will find out if anyone wants to know.

The needles are delivered in a 53 ft long trailer from Georgia. We got 1200 bales. You don't have to prepurchase them and you don't pay for the ones not sold. We make about a dollar or more per bale and deliver if requested. After we are done the truck comes to pick up the trailer and that's it. Advertizing is important to the success of the sale. And try not to do it when other groups are selling. We made $1000 in one day.

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ASM7, I looked at the previous thread you were referring to. As a service project, you shouldn't ask for donations for your troop, that is correct. As a fundraiser, to put a container for people to drop money into is okay. The fact that it is a fundraiser and not a service project is the important difference. When the troops in this area do service projects,(i.e. setting up and maintaining an ice skating rink in the local park, setting up and tearing down community fair, setting up fences at a local festival, posting signs on drains in town to not pollute) they do not get paid. They are offering a service to the community for which the payment is a job well done for other people.

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