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PETA strikes again!!

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PETA is the silliest of political organizations. In Washington State they got an initiative passed a few years ago banning hunting of bears and mountain lions with dogs. "Cruel" they said. Foolish voters passed it.


After a few years, mountain lions were expanding in number and range right into suburban areas, with dogs and cats being taken out of the back yards of people's homes.


Were the dogs and cats that were killed the cruel victims of PETA policies? I'd say so.



When the mountain lions began stalking children, the state legislature repealed the PETA law, and the problem went away.


I just walked by the squashed body of a possum and a squirrel when I was out walking yesterday --- killed by cars. Perhaps PETA should be out there gently keeping the wildlife from crossing the road.


They are often fools, in my opinion.

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Wait a minute!!

I am a PROUD member of peta, and I take offense with this thread!!!

What's wrong with being part of a group that proclaims itself to be:







Edited by PeteM



Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant by PETA. That wacko-group.

My mistake.





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