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So if Texas (and others) secede from the US, maybe we can change BSA!

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A few states (still in tantrums over Obamas win) want to secede.. Seems Texas is the most serious so far..


So that means the HQ of BSA secedes with them to become BST (BoyScouts of Texas).. We can create a new BSA HQ, one with a more tolerant stance.. What say you!..




Texas was the state that had the judge who wanted to raise his own state army a few months back for this purpose.. Don't know how he came with his army, but they have an on-line patition.. Obama will take it seriously if they can get more the 25,000 signatures.. They set up some program last year to deal with this.. What program? Will it really be that easy?


The petition being on-line, I don't know if they need only signatures from Texas, or if signatures from people outside the state who want to cut this state loose, will be counted..



So what if you live in Texas and want to stay in the US? Will they need to move out, while others Republicans move in.. Sort of like a house exchange plan..


So, if we loose BSA HQ.. Where do you think we should set up our new offices? I think we should put it back in NY state..


What should we change, besides being more tolerant to homosexuals.. What about atheists? What about girls? Can we loose the age limit for handling a wheelbarrow?

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"Vinny, it is good to see youse once more. Come, sit down. There, sit down. A drink? No? It has been a long time, I agree. So, how is the mother? Good, good. Now, what can I do for youse?

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" So? You are not happy? Not happy how? I see. No, I have not heard that. A-ha. Well, perhaps a new...

" Now, Vinny, youse must know that is not possible. Once youse is a member, youse must realize youse is ALWAYS a member. Even I must realize that. Even I in my admittedly exhalted position of responsibility, I could not think of leaving the organization, it has done so much for me... for YOUSE, Vinny. Have youse no gratitude? No sense of belonging? Oh, I see. Um-mmm.

"Well, if that is the way youse must think, I must remind youse of certain realities in this world. Vinny, do you remember Gino? Yeah, That is the guy. Wore that yellow fedora. Yeah, that is him. What a guy. Mmm-mmm-mmm. I would urge you to remember Gino. Why? Because youse can not TALK to him, can youse? That is right. Now we understand each other.

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"Georgio, come in here. I may have a job for youse."


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Texas wants to secede?

Bye! See ya!

That is the one state that would be really easy to sever from the grid.

Sorry Trevorum, you might want to sneak across the border before it becomes official.


Edit: snicker, snicker, I guess we get to refer to you as Maggottracker from now on. :)

I mean seriously, who is going to object to losing Alabama or Mississippi or South Carolina? OK, I can see Georgia as a good state to keep in the Union. And I'd be willing to bring my passport to get a good bowl of gumbo in La. But Arkansas? Really?

North Carolina...I'd hate to have to use a passport to hike the AT. Tennessee? C'mon Vols, you're not going to be able to afford Oak Ridge, much less the TVA.

It'll never happen for Florida...you-know-who would be in the majority and probably take over completely. No secession going to happen there.

What's that term Beavah is fond of? 'Nutters', yeah, that's the one.(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Went to the "We the people" site to check out the happenings.. Texas is up to 60,000 signatures..


What is even more surprising is there are even petitions from deep blue state like California, New York, New Jersey.. Now you know the majority in those states are very happy with the outcome of the election..


So if you are unhappy with the political leanings of your state, move.. You can't get mad, and roll up your state and take it with you! (those states have low signatures, I doubt they will make 25,000..


There are some petitions to deport anyone signing the petitions to secede..


There is at least one to do a total recount for the whole country.. Seems Republicans are blaming Democrats for voter fraud.. What a laugh!!


That last one is like Grover Norquest stating yesterday that Obama won because he called Romney a poopyhead, then said vote for me I'm not Romney.. I kid you not.. Norquest used the words poopyhead.. So wasn't that Romney's whole campaigne, Obama's a poopyhead, vote for me I'm not Obama.. Also Grover Norquest thought the negative ads on the Obama side were so unfair.. What??? You can run negative ads, (even total lies like the Ohio jeep ad), but your opponet can not? He said other things in that interveiw that had you wondering what planet he was just beamed from.. Like Obama did not run by stating he wanted those who make over 250,000 to pay a little more.. Nope, didn't say it in any of his speechs.. Never said it even once.. In fact he thinks Obama ran on lowering taxes..


This is pretty funny stuff! So what stages of grief are these? I would say Norquist is in denial, and those wanting to secede from the Union is more at the stage of anger..(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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I think the better question to ask is what those in the current ruling majority are going to do to reach out to those in the current minority. You know, the whole big tent thing. Because one thing we know for certain based on past comments, 51% is by no means a mandate, right? Time for the democrats to really reach out across the aisle...find out what aggrieves those who are behind these secession petitions so much...do some consensus building.

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Yeah, every couple of years Texas threatens to leave ... Arizona as well.


Texas does it because, well, it's Texas...who knows why.


Arizona does it for various excuses, but under that there is usually some mining interest pushing it... deep copper mining near Phoenix, uranium mining in the Grand Canyon.


It's what happens when you have total corrupt goofballs in the state government.

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