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In addition to the overall issue, what concerns me about these various cases (perhaps somewhat selfishly) is, which of these cases is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back with my troop's CO and causes them to send us elsewhere? Possibly with some dispute over what we get to "take with us", since legally they own everything. They are a church that (while their national organization seems to be divided on the issue) seems to lean heavily toward the "welcoming" side. I know that when the Dale case was decided (before my time with the troop) there was some discussion and at least one tense meeting and it looked like the church might withdraw from being a CO. That did not happen, but now, with the publicity of each succeeding case adding to the previous one, I think that at some point the leaders of the local church may eventually end up saying, we've had enough of this, and we can no longer be the home of a unit of an organization that does not share our beliefs. We would find a new CO, but I'd really rather not have to do that.

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The overall publicity from all of these things could possibly cause our CO to rethink things as well. Too many straws. The reason might be for liability reasons, or for public relations reasons, or for concern about the direction of the overall organization. I don't think we have any immediate issue, but you can never tell when some members of the CO's executive board might all of a sudden start to take notice.


I'm not concerned with where we store our gear. I'm pretty sure our CO would let us take the property with us. The most likely scenario, if they did decide they wanted to reduce their relationship with BSA, would be to ask us to switch our CO to a "Friends of" organization, and they may even allow us to continue to meet on their property. We have a fair number of church families who are involved, so I don't think the church would boot us entirely.

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