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Taxing to re-educate how to behave

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I'm pretty sure that never happened. There are several you-tube videos of the Tomb Guards confronting the crowd, in all it seems the same procedure: sidestep off the mat, command the order (politely, with the air of command), body and weapon at attention at all times. A true disruption, which I've seen no account of, I would guess would be handled by the National Park Service guards, not the Old Guard.

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It most certainly did happen. The guard was not standing at attention - he was leaning toward the offender. His weapon was not at attention - it was at his side directed toward the offender. He had taken one large step off the mat.


In any case the presence of the guard and the solemness of the ceremony was enough to command respect for me.

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Heh. Read between the lines for Rome:


1) No tents or awnings = licensed, tax paying vendors only. More accurately = Gypsies go away. If you shut down the flea market style sales under temporary tents, you start to get rid of the Gypsies that some would argue plague Rome's tourist sites.


2) No snacking. Look at the picture in the shot. See all of those bistro tables? Guess who hates is when you walk around snacking on something sold by a cart vendor? The Bistro! The bistro also pays rent and taxes. I wonder how much the bistro owners supported the snack tax. "No sir, you need to finish that here, and would you like something else?"


As for the hotel taxes - those are everywhere in the US. Clipping the visitors is always better than clipping the locals. Laguna Beach added a tax after a couple of hillsides slid down during the rains a few years ago, and they did everything they could to structure it to hit the tourists and not directly the locals.

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Welll, more laws to force tourist to behave:




""Both Wiener and Richards blame out-of-towners for coming to the Special City to go bald. The problem, noted Wiener, is that these stark-naked tourists are "undermining the neighborhood.""""


"""One naked guy may be a nuisance, but too much nudity begets too much crudity. It degrades the social fabric. For San Francisco's political class, you might say, stark-naked people have become the new pothole."""


Yet another example of governement "exposing" itself as the judge of personal behavior. It seems tourist are the scourge of the earth. Or at least potholes.



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