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Romneycare vs. Obamacare

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"I am relieved that my 4-year-old daughter will not be denied insurance in her adult life due to having a brain tumor removed when she was 1"

just for clarification purposes, pre-existing conditin protections have been in place for at least 9 years (not sure exactly but it was part if HIPAA) and that limited it to condiotions that had been treated or diagnosed within the 6 months prior to joining the health plan and limited the non-covereage period to a maximum of one year from joining the plan. Also required group policies to waive pre-existing condition clauses if the member had creditible coverage for at least one year prior to coming on the plan. The cahnges by the HCR simply changed the wording for those under 19 and waived that one year period for them.

Yes I do work in the evil health insurance field

Yes I have seen positive things from the HCR but I do not feel that the federal gov't should be able to force me to buy anything.

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"See the Warren vs Brown race in Mass"


If Scott Brown were to run as an Independant he'd win easily. His biggest negative in Massachusetts is the scarlet® behind his name. Heck they guy didn't even go to the Republican National Convention because he didn't want to be seen with the national crowd. Mitt Romney was a strong backer of Brown in his initial Senate race. One of the few prominent Republicans to do so. Now Brown barely acknowledges any association with Romney.





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