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NYC schools dispensing morning-after pill

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This is a tad different than the school clinic handing out condoms or pills....


YOU need to decide for yourself when life actually starts.....


so is the morning after pill that much different than a contraceptive pill??? Not all that much from the way I understand they work......




They have been handing out condoms for years.......



In my neighborhood.....teen pregnacy is a fact of life....Bored, under eductated kids with no future, unsupervised lots of free time....





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Even I was surprised that it was decided to be passed out at a school. Although I would not have been surprised if it was made available without parent notification at health clinics..


If available at the school though, I think it should go the way aspirin is (at least in my son's high school 3 years back.) My son couldn't receive aspirin unless I SIGNED a letter stating he could.. Of course how many kids would forge the signature, I don't know.


This is a slight difference to making it available unless you sign something, or signing something to make it available though..


I always get upset when I recieve my bill from my credit card company, or phone company.. Tucked in the back page of the multi-page bill is a notification.. We plan to sell your information to every marketing agency in the world unless you sign to opt out.. Tucked neatly back there in hopes you don't see it, so you never sign and they get to sell your information.


Signing something to request service takes more thought and active participation in the activities of your children and your own veiws about it.. Not signing something is very easy for parents who are not actively engaged in the lifes of their children..


Well, it is mayor Bloomburg.. His policies have raised eyebrows in the past..


As for all the garbage about teaching abstance (Probably from the same folks who also fight to take sex education out of the school curriculum, so the child is not allowed to learn anything about sex).. Pure poppycock, from people who have not accepted this is not 1880 anymore. Especially in cities like NYC..


edited to add : On further thought the fact that the parent sign something is also for legal reason.. For dispensing any medicine, if something goes wrong, the parents signature is protection against being sued.. The lack of a signature, is not very good as a cover-your-a$$ policy.(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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Probably from the same folks who also fight to take sex education out of the school curriculum, so the child is not allowed to learn anything about sex


Well sex education has no place in schools -- it should be taught by the parents. If the parents are truly unable to teach it then it should be taught on an individual basis and definitely never to a mixed classroom audience.

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"For most of human history we had abstinence based cultural values, and they worked pretty well. Periodically there were efforts to promote sexual liberation, but they pretty much always failed in the ability to care for children and women and such."


For most of human history, life expectancy was brutal and short - less than 30 years for the majority of folks, less than 50 for the elite. For most of human history, people didn't get "married" and for most of human history, the onset of puberty didn't mean teenager, it meant, time to breed and have kids. Romeo and Juliet are 14 in the Shakespeare's tale - in modern times, thats a teenage love story - in Shakespeare's time, that's an adult love story. For most of human history, the cultural value was breed, as often as possible to ensure the survivial of your tribe. Abstinence, as a cultural value, is less than 200 years old. One of the reasons the Puritans were persecuted in Europe was because of their promotion of abstinence, which went against the cultural norms of the time. It wasn't until the Victorian era that abstinence became something to really aspire too - and that was more of an attempt by the middle class to show how much better they were than the lower classes, where abstinence was still laughed at.


As for working well? once one takes the rose-colored glasses being used to view history of the last couple of hundred years, one starts to see how laughable that concept is. The innocent 1950's? Yeah, not so much - a lot more teen girls were getting pregnant than folks think. In fact, the highest pregnancy rate of teens since the 1940's was in the mid-1950's with a rate of 96.3/1,000. From there, it steadily declined, mostly because of comprehensive sex-ed in the schools and increasing use of contraceptives except for a slight uptick in 69/70 until it started climbing again in the mid-1990's, when abstinence only education was making headway leading back up from the 40's to 61.8/1,000. In contemporary times, studies show that there is more teen pregnancy occuring in locales with abstinence only education than is locales with comprehensive sex-ed. Now, as the moralists all cry the sky is falling, the teenage pregnancy rate, as of 2010, has dropped to the lowest it's been in 70 years, 34.3/1,000 - mostly due to increased use of contraceptives and messages that its best to wait to start a family without pounding on abstinence. Sorry, Seattle, history and facts don't support your statements.


And should there be any question, I support the schools giving out the "day after" pill, provided that the parents have signed off on it. If it helps drop the teenage pregnancy rate even further, which will drop the abandoned baby rate, and the abortion rate, I'm all for it.

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I can understand the passing out of the morning after pill I guess. Certainly dont think its a good idea but society, for some reason, doesnt ask me my opinions on much.



I would think that after sone number, say 3 or so, 3 times the patient asks for the morning after pill that some sort of consequence occur. Counseling, education, torture (just kidding) something that demonstrates that actions do have consequences.


Was there sex going on in the High School I graduayed from? ALmost certainly although I don't know from personal experiene but I did know what caused pregnancy as did all the other guys I knew and it was considered somehting of being a moron if you got a girl pregnant because there were ways of preventing that. Have we stopped talking contraception to the point the morning after pill, or possible abortion is the preferred manner of birth control?

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As luck would have it, 1880 was the first time U.S. census takers inquired about marital status:




For whites, the average age for 1st marriage was 23.3 for women and 27.0 for men. And the U.S. had a lower average than other Western countries.

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I'm glad they are handing out the pills.


If the kids are born, they will be born into rotten conditions. A parent who thought they were done parenting now has to raise a baby. The actual bio parent is too young to impart anything but a tragic life.


Republicans don't want to pay the welfare that is generated by lower class kids making babies. Love the unborn, resent the born for leaning on them for money. I'll tell you a secret about liberals - we don't want to pay for those kids to be on welfare either. We'd rather see that money go to something more constructive than unwanted lower class humans who commit crimes and need constant police intervention.


The truth is the US is overpopulated already, and on the morning after, there's nothing as sophisticated inside a woman than what I just picked out of my nose and flicked into the trash can next to my desk. It's a glob of cells smaller and less intelligent than the viruses and T-cells that make the boogers in my nose. We're not talking about late term abortions. We're talking about basically inducing menstruation. It happens all the time and no one notices or calls it a tragedy.


So, hand out the pills. By the bucket, please. And the condoms. And IUD's. And give lots disease and drug screening, and lots of education. Pour it on.


And teach them biology, so that they understand the science behind conception, and what the morning after pill does.


Because teens don't do abstinence. Not on purpose.


(This message has been edited by bsa24)

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