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NYC schools dispensing morning-after pill

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This is that "Frog in the Pot" thing. Have todays teenagers ever heard of shotgun weddings?


From Fox News:

"Parents not told NYC schools dispensing morning-after pill"




""The New York City Department of Education is providing morning-after pills and other birth control drugs to students at 13 city high schools.""



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The basic value of the sexual liberation movement is "If it feels good, do it."


Government's role is to promote, enable and enforce that value among the public and to pick up the pieces when the disasters it causes occur.


Of course, with contraception this began with the USSC ruling that contraception was a right of married couples. After greasing that slippery slope, the ramification of a right to contraception continues to expand --- to a right of children to have abortions without their parent's consent, to government paid abortions through Obama care, through sex educatyion of children in public schools, to government provided contraception in schools, and now this, merely the latest in a long series of policy decisions by government.



Along the way, the impact of these decisions have enormously changed the culture of our society.



In November several states will be having votes on same sex marriage. Just as with abortion, it's promoted as a decision that only impacts the individuals involved and that government has no right to control or prohibit.


Of course that's bogus. Marriage and family decisions have a profound effect on society. But "progressive" thinkers ignore those consequences in their effort to continue to promote their fundamental value: "If it feels good, do it."



That value continues to spin out new public policies and will continue to do so as long as it prevails in public policy.

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The Brookings Institute has crunched the numbers and a teen who has a child, commits a crime, or has less than a 2.5 GPA has a significantly reduced chance of being middle class (300% the poverty level) in his or her 40s. http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/Research/Files/Papers/2012/9/20%20pathways%20middle%20class%20sawhill%20winship/0920%20pathways%20middle%20class%20sawhill%20winship.pdf


We do not have a society or media that supports an abstinence based sexual culture. We will not have such a society with out significant changes in established law or precedent. And that is very unlikely to happen.


We could have much, much better, more realistic sex Ed and widely available contraception, like the vast majority of Western Europe, and probably have a much lower teen pregnancy rate.


We are not going back, so we really need to get our collective heads out of the sand and find the best way forward.



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I don't remember the city because it was several years ago, but a law was passed where underage girls could get an abortion without a parent's permission. At the time, it was the only surgical procedure that could be performed on a minor without a parent or guardians signature.




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For most of human history we had abstinence based cultural values, and they worked pretty well. Periodically there were efforts to promote sexual liberation, but they pretty much always failed in the ability to care for children and women and such.


Of course, now we have a society that has actively undermined the idea of abstinance and written sexual liberation into our very constitution. Government spends huge amounts of money to try to make sexual liberation values work, but still failed families, teen pregnancies, Sexually transmitted disease and other failures are rife in this country and around the world.


No matter how pervasive the failures though, they will not be recognized because indulging people's sexual itch has become the lame cornerstone of western civilization.


People who have an itch for wealth are encouraged to work for it. Those who have a yen to beat up or kill people are prosecuted if they don't repress such an orientation.


Jealousy, gluttony and numerous other vices people are expected to control or repress.


But sexual license is to be indulged. Lust is just one of many human vices. There is no reason people can't be expected to control their lust and indulge it only upon appropriate occasions. But that is not what the sexual liberation movement proclaims and enforces these days.


And it continues to roll on to new policy triumphs, always with the goal that "if it feels good, do it!"

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"For most of human history we had abstinence based cultural values, and they worked pretty well."

"Government spends huge amounts of money to try to make sexual liberation values work..."


Parents these days (some parents) don't know anything about cultural values, and don't care about abstinence. That's why they have a bunch of kids that don't care either.


There is no government conspiracy - it's people doing what they learned from their elders.


Teach your children well.

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Yes, those Northeast liberal elites simply don't know how to control their children. Perhaps if they were more like Texas, children would know their place in school.




A reasonable compromise would be if a student requested birth control or the morning after pill, they would be beaten by the principal before the request was granted. Personally I would have requested being spanked by my sophmore English teacher but never had a need for the services then.




(This message has been edited by scoutingagain)

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