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"Why would the WH drop a case against the Black Panthers for intimating voters? They had been found guilty and the case was at the sentencing stage when Holder and the WH dropped it?"


Originally, the DOJ, under Bush, filed a criminal complaint - they dropped it before the year was out. A few days before the inauguration, the DOJ filed a civil complaint. The defendants never appeared in court. Before a hearing where the lawyers that filed the complaint thought they would get a default judgment, the AG's office pulled back, dropped the civil complaints against three of the parties and narrowed the complaint against one of the parties, which they pursued and got a default judgment.


It is a bald-faced lie to say that they had been found guilty and the case was at the sentencing stage. One, you aren't found guilty or not-guilty in a civil trial - and this was a civil complaint, not a criminal complaint. Two, the DOJ dropped the civil complaint before a default judgment was issued so the case wasn't at the "sentencing" stage.


You really should take a far more critical look at your sources to see if they're lying to you before repeating their lies elsewhere.

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The White House - that would be that big building at 1600 Pennsylvania wherein lives the individual who gave the Attorney General job to Eric Holder, the head of the Justice Department?


Even a moosedropper would have to admit that the White House is involved...

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Ah.. I just thought WH meant Obama specific. I forgot that after appointment, you guys think the President is suppose to tell everyone every little detail of what they are suppose to do every day, and micromanage every breath they take.. Because the President does not hire anyone and then trust them to do their job, and he has nothing better to do with his time.

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Yah, hmmmm....


We aren't really tryin' to compare one guy with an attitude at one polling place in Pennsylvania who got hauled off by police within da hour with an organized partisan political effort across multiple targeted "battleground" states to affect every polling place in da state so as to make it more difficult for significant groups of people to vote. Are we?


Yah, this is da sort of dishonorable nonsense that makes some of da modern Republicans unsupportable. How much farther out of da way can they go to dig up and spin these ridiculous isolated anecdotes in order to point with alarm? One big black man in Philly? Race-baitin' with a twist on da Black Panthers? Yeh have to be jokin'!


Da problem they have is that too small a percentage of da U.S. electorate is that feeble-minded, eh?


This is da stuff that is ruinin' da conservative cause in the country.




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Thanks Beavah, You are right that their examples are not anywhere close to being able to label any of their examples with proof of the whole party being in on well coordinated efforts to steal the election.. Also that is the type of caliber example I was trying to task them with, and instead got these piddly examples and what seems to be a family fairytale someone is swallowing, and still if remotle possible would be some local offical..


But, I kindof worded my challenge slightly wrong, and am getting what I deserve.. I stated..



I am not saying they must be lily white. It is politics after all.. But, accept keeping blacks from voting, there has never been this sort of "In your face" cheating going on. Some of the behind the scenes cheating is now coming to light, and it just makes you wonder how bold they will be with their clandestine cheating.


Here is the difference. If any cheating from the Democrats do come to light, I will say it is wrong for them to be doing it. It will not make me change who I vote for, as then we would have proof both are playing games. Still two wrongs would not make a right, so it would be wrong.



I should have said in the second paragraph .. If any "in your face" cheating.. maybe..


But, even if it is small local, one man cheating on the Democratic side, it would be wrong of that individual.. I am willing to say that, and believe it to be true. It seems they are incapable of saying the same for their side where it is grand scale, multi-tactic well coordinated moves that they don't even try to hide. They feel they are justified to cheat and steal from many deserving people their most basic and fundamental right that we are given under the Consitiution due to the crime that they have the audacity to disagree with them.


I believe their actions alone is proof that this attitude is not the attitude of only a group of Republicans at the top, but the attitude of the party base, at least everyone who belongs to the tea-party section of the party.. I still will cling to my belief that there are a few Republicans out there that are honorable. We at least have WAKWIB showing honor, but it seems the majority of Republicans in our sampling on this forum, have forgotten what the word means.(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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"We at least have WAKWIB showing honor, but it seems the majority of Republicans in our sampling on this forum, have forgotten what the word means."


If this is your version of 'Morally Straight', I have to question your 'Mentally Awake'.

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Well, I don't want to comment on 'mentally awake' because I have no way to judge, but Moosetracker, I think you're being a little unfair in your conclusions. First, there's no way to know for sure who is and who isn't a Republican in these threads, unless they state their status openly. Second, I'm fairly certain that almost all of us in these forums are honorable people regardless of political views. We just disagree and sometimes we say intemperate things (and I know I'm as guilty of this as the next person).

So I'm not speaking as a moderator here but rather as a friend, I hope everyone can keep some perspective on these things and try to 'lighten up' a little. ;)

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Moosetracker: Your high estimation of my "honor", while gratefully acknowledged,

is a bit of a stretch. My only words on the subject were,

"if there is fraud and other illegal activities going on with the election process, I would want to see the people responsible prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

I'm going take a stab at saying that about 100% of the regulars on this forum would agree with that statement.

What was taking shape in that discussion was just the same-old political football. The topic of the day being, which Party stinks more than the other. The laundry list of illegal and questionable activities by members of both Parties, in the area of elections and other spheres is probably about the same number of pages.

If I recall correctly, I don't think I have ever outright revealed my party affiliation. And, just for the record, most of the time I feel like I'm left with a hard choice of picking the lesser-of-two-evils.


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WAKWIB - you still have my high esteem, because that is the only response I was seeking from the others, and got nothing but we are justified.. As for the laundry list on both sides, on the Republican side, all they had was one family rumor fairy tale, and an one guy working on his own in the last election with something that the Republicans have trained over a million people to be posted at every voting poll to do..


And all I have to say for the fairy tale and the one guy is that if true it should be investigated by the FBI. I guess they investigated the Black Panther guy and found he didn't do enough for prosecution. Vol_scouters family will need to call in their fairy tale and find out if the FBI will even take them seriously, about the Democrats suppress vote of African Americans in Republican country. Before they do though, they should be forewarned they also prosecute for false reporting.


FBI is getting involved in alot of the Republican stuff already this year. I am sure Republicans will be keeping them busy in the next month or so.

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"FBI is getting involved in alot of the Republican stuff already this year."



Okay we have the one incident in Florida where the RNC filed charges against a hired worker:

"The state (Republican) party filed the complaint against Strategic Allied Consulting with state election officials, who late Friday handed the case over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement." One worker out of 2000 falsified registrations. The RNC caught him and filed charges.




My Google search for "Voter Registration Fraud Republican FBI" found ZERO matches, except for chatter on left-wing sites about this one incident.

Until you get back to 2008 where the Republicans were demanding FBI investigation of Voter registration fraud by Acorn.


If you can provide us with links to your superior information about "FBI is getting involved in alot of the Republican stuff already this year.", we may have to reconsider your credibility.

Unless you consider one person to be 'alot of stuff'.


If you can't provide certifications for your slander, then we can safely conclude that you aren't to be taken seriously.



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You're correct, I did mis-speak. I had thought that 2 registration purges one in Florida & one in Ohio was under investigation.. But Floridas is filed by the DOJ and now I cant find what I read about the Ohio one.


There is one other you forgot though that is also in Florida about Congressman Rivira.


But about Strategic Allied Consulting.. I know you love the only one employee involved story, but that has long been debunked. In Florida alone there is now cases of registration irregularities by multi employees working for this agency that span over 9 counties.


The company was also doing work in other States, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada.. These are also showing questionable registrations. Also in Colorado there is a tape out of a girl who is trying to register new voters. She says she works for the County clerks office, but investigations found her to be with this company. (If registering, by law you have to register anyone regardless of party, and have to file all of them, not shred the party you don't like.)


And although the RNC ran for the hills quickly, they still may be pulled in as Sproul (the founder and head of this company) is pointing the finger and squawking. They hired him knowing his past brushes with voter fraud complaints and suspicions, and simply asked him to change the name of his company to avoid suspicion.(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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