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My mom is a Strip Tease Dancer

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Really, the cop should take jr. to the homicide investigation scene? The surgeon should take Jr. into the OR? The corrections officer, the pyschologist that counsels suididal pateints, shall I go on... not sure of the correlation there...


Love the "shelter the boy" mentality.


Of course you don't take him to the scene. It could impact the chain of evidence. But, by venturing age he could ride along. He could watch mom/dad present the evidence in court. One of our boy's moms is a child advocate lawyer. From following her to work (which can be a dose of gruesome mixed with sad some days), he decided his Eagle project will be to make a kid-friendly area in the courthouse waiting room.


Again, the OR is a sterile field which takes discipline to maintain. But, yes, boys do watch from the galley. My wife's anatomy books are on the bottom shelf and our kids have been reading at them since they were toddlers. (My statistics journals, not so much.)


Confidentiality dictates when my kids could come into the psych research office. But they've served as pilot subjects for our interviewers and technicians. They've answered the same intimate questions and have been subjected to the same tests. I've been talking to them about teen depression and suicide attempts for years.


Heck, even TT's drawings would be something to show his boys long before they march off to college. Be neat to see if they could imitate one in Lego bricks!


Obviously, there's a continuum. You don't dump every aspect of your job on a cub. But as they grow older, boys should be up for more interesting dinner conversations!


But, can a so-called erotic artist proudly share any aspect of his/her work with a pre-teen? Or his/her mom and dad? Maybe it is a societal thing, and one day we'll get over our hang-ups and be able to suggest to kindergartners that in just 13 years they can have a lucrative career letting someone besides their spouse gawk at them luridly. My gut, however, tells me that will not be a good day.

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