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My mom is a Strip Tease Dancer

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Hi all


There is a story by the AP today where a NY court is deciding whether strip tease dancing is a form of art or not.




ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- They may never be confused with "Swan Lake," but an upstate New York strip club says its nude lap dances are every bit as much an art form and should be exempt from state taxes.


Ah, teaching the lap dance at your daughters next dance class. I can't wait for the next recital.


My wife and I used to buy season tickets each year for the Oklahoma City Theater where we enjoyed Broadway caliber plays. A few years ago the company put on a play that had a lot of what we felt was pretty R rated acts. The Oklahoma City Theater lost our season ticket loyalty. That was several years ago and Im guessing the company took a pretty good hit because I still folks defending that play. One of the justifications for the play was portraying that time in history accurately. This led folks to the saying; "one mans porn is another mans history lesson."


When I say that homosexuality is a contributor to anti-family culture, this is article is an example of what Im talking about. Stripping is not the main contributor to an immoral culture nor is homosexuality. But when one dangerous form of immorality becomes accepted as normal, it leads to the next immoral taboo and so on until all immoral taboos are sacrificed for freedom of personal expression. Its like the frog in a pot of hot water.


Porn is porn. Acceptance of porn leads folks to other dangerous behaviors that are harmful to themselves and to their family. I remember about 20 years ago when a CM was fighting to remain a CM after it was learned that she was a stripper. Yes, I know folks on this forum find strippers as accetable role models for cub scouts. But if a cub scout can't visit their role models at work, are they setting an acceptable example of a community leader?


I think we are about at that place where there are no more immoral taboos. Parents will struggle to define the line between freedom of personal expression and behaviors that are not considered healthy. I don't care how progressive you think you are, when you open your front door and a pot smoking half dressed tatooed teenager babysitter is waiting to be invited in, you are likely finding that line. Sadly we as a culture are letting pop Political correctness dictate our choices, not common sense or even religious instruction. Even now folks today are ridiculed when they openingly express their intolerance of immoral behavior. Hey, it's OK because it's just a form of art, right. It's imitating history, or it not in public site, there or no victims, and on and on. There seems to be a lot of reasons for acceptance of immoral behavior in our culture.


How far out is the new fad of lap dancing to loose weight?


I can see another political cause to gain votes.




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Eagledad, I can't find any reference to a child whose mother is a strip tease dancer.


The issue in the article seems to be confined to whether or not those dance revenues qualify as tax exempt. It's all about money.

I say remove all tax exemptions. That should pretty much take care of the problem.

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P. - I think E was trying to connect a story with some experience guiding scouters who had adopted a similar attitude.


E. - My cousin just teamed up with a cleric to ask hotel chains to stop offering porn on their subscription channels. Their proposal is getting some serious consideration. It may sound like he's swimming upstream, but there is a certain ebb and flow to these things.

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I wouldn't want my cub son visiting a stripping CM mom at work, just like I wouldn't want him visiting a CM that was a big banker and took TARP funds to pad his own lifestyle, or the CM that's a real estate agent that sells folks properties he knows they have no way of affording, etc... god forbid the CM is a local politician, we KNOW they all have no morals and are sleezy.


I see where you are trying to go with this Eagle, and in general I agree.


However, when does it stop?


Am I an unfit CM because I dole out birth control or Plan B to women who need it in my medical profession? What if I was an Gyn that performed abortions as part of my practice? I'm sure you could find plenty of folks who would support either side of that issue.


Should I let little johnny visit me at my place of employment? Maybe to see how the office works or view and exam room, etc... sure. What about if he sits in on an OB/Gyn exam? Doubt that's a good idea. What about having him sit in on a consult with a couple who is devastated because they have tried and tried to conceive, but are now being told they are out of options and are weighing the choice of a surrogate vs. adoption? Not really a place for a Cub Scout to be haning out, eh?


I get where you're at with your arguement about morality, but I doubt one's profession is a good place to have the barometer on whether one is a fit leader or not.


As for the article, let the courts decide... its more about tax revnue and avoiding it than it is about morality anyways.



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I think the simplest answer is that many people no longer regard homosexuality as immoral.


I don't see any reason to believe that there is any cause-and-effect relationship between the widespread acceptance of people regardless of their sexual orientation, and any other "objectionable" behavior.

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Washington Post, Sunday Style tabloid, September 2, 2012, Pg.1,


"A Place for Women to See and Be Seen" by Delece Smith-Barrow


"It's friday evening in DC, and three women arrive at the Stadium Club, a converted warehouse in Northeast. ...

The women go inside. "I wasn't expecting it to be this nice," says Rashida Robertson, 33, an Atlanta native who's in the city for graduate school.

"Tonight is her first visit to a strip club. To her right and left are clusters of women, outnumbering the men...."

"Unlike many strip clubs, - which are narrow, dark and dominated by men - Stadium, with color changing chandeliers lighting up it's 14,000 sq. ft., has become a chic hot spot for young African American women...."


The rest of the article is very discriptive of what goes on in the high-class club, interviewing the female entertainers and the patrons, both female and male...


Unfortunately, the Wash Post does not post the Sunday Style mag on the web with the rest of the paper's articles, so I cannot link you to it.

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Dean, your examples are folks in distinguished well respected occupations making bad choices. Nude strip and lap dancing are not yet accepted by most communities as respectable occupations.


>>As for the article, let the courts decide... its more about tax revnue and avoiding it than it is about morality anyways.

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I think the question is valid. References have been made to shady and controversial practices. Some examples given are criminal or illegal. What this mother does is legal. Seems like the questionable activity and issues are with other people's occupations.

Every other lifestyle mentioned in this forum seems to be just fine with everybody, so let the lady be a mom.


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Packsaddle says:


NJ, did you accidentally post that in the wrong forum?

Edit: oops, just re-read the OP and I see the link now.


Yes, it is lurking about halfway through the first post. I found it a little jarring. When I started reading the post, I thought Barry was making a revelation about his own mother. (Not really.) Then I thought I was reading about the general moral decay of our society, again. When I got to the homosexual part, I realized that that's probably what the post really is about. Barry's posts (even in Issues and Politics) almost always relate to Scouting in some way, and as far as I know there is not a huge nationwide issue with strippers in leadership positions. Although, as I have pointed out in the past, the policy on strippers in leadership positions is, apparently, "local option" -- but there's no local option for the man living a quiet suburban life and working as a librarian and living with his male partner, but also not hiding the fact that they're gay. (And actually I'm not making up that example, I knew two guys, a librarian and a pharmacist, who had been living together in a quiet suburban lifestyle for about 30 years, not bothering anyone, no flamboyant parades or anything like that. It's preposterous to me that a Boy Scout troop would not have the option of selecting one of those guys, or countless others like them across the country, as a leader if they wanted to.)

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