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BSA Should Ban Smokers

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Before we decide what B-P would have thought about female leaders, perhaps we should listen to him first



Check out http://thescoutingpages.org.uk/speeches.html



BP Gives a Talks to Scouts


Listen to what he says at the 3:05 mark,


B-P says he wants "... More young men and even young women to come forward as scoutmasters..."


So apparently he was not as misogynistic as he is being portrayed.


Can we do research before we declare what/how/who a dead person was or do we just make up things as we go along?

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So now that this thing has been brought back to life, I ask Woapalane to define 'face'. Does the head of a snail qualify? How about a segmented worm? The 'monkey face' of a coconut...c'mon, you know better.


I don't know if basementdweller was responding in outrage or chuckling under his breath when he heard what the teacher was 'teaching' his daughter's class (probably NOT chuckling, I suspect). But it reminded me of recent discussions in which 'natural law' was invoked.

By extension, and in response to these two old threads, I could easily make an argument that under 'natural law', being fat is good. It is the natural tendency for our bodies to store sustenance. At the same time, I remember well what my body told me the first time I made a serious attempt at using tobacco. Natural law, in that case, comes out squarely against smoking (or dipping, chewing...whatever) tobacco.

This constitutes a triumph for natural law as well as a clear decision for both of the old threads. Case closed. Time to let them whimper into oblivion.

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The old plumper is better argument. My mother, of Polish extraction from Chicago, often spoke of the Ladies in her Parish growing up who would brag how large they were, because it took a lot of money to buy the food that made it so. Their weight was a reflection of their husbands success.


Their husbands ate well as well, right up to the point where the MI ended it all...


Then again, getting to an age where coronary artery disease was a concern was never an issue in rural feudal Poland

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I don't think it is "misogyny" to support male leaders for boys and female leaders for girls.


True, Pere. But it isn't scouting.


In his speech, BP was explicitly encouraging male and female scoutmasters (not committee members, not assistants) for "these young lads" (not lasses).


It became obvious fairly early on, that the best leader available for a group of boys may be female. BP said nothing that would give anyone an excuse to stand her way.


It's not clear that he would be bothered by young men and women sharing the same scouting unit in this day and age.


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I'm sorry, I thought it was you who complained that BPSA should care about what the good founder wanted.


He wanted women to step up to the position of SM.


Did he realize that co-Ed units would eventually follow?


Anyway BPSA is a protest to BSA's catholicism. Just like the religious movements the one claims to be pushing a greater reformation toward its origins, while he other is vying for universal acceptance (at least by what it perceives to be its base).

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