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BSA should learn from its own history

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I may be mistaken, but the columnist's history may be quite wrong. It's possible.


For after all, the American founder of scouting was very explicit about the organization not discriminating on the basis of race.


The BSA DOES discriminate on the basis of gender! :)

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"In my world, people whose personalitys allow them to think discrimination against other people is ok and/or that "tea party" politics is goos are unacceptable BSA leaders."


So Calico, when are you resigning from the BSA? That is, unless you are willing to let the local illegal drug dealers, prostitutes, gang members, mentally ill, pedophiles, alcoholics and porn stars be leaders in your Troop. You don't discriminate, right? Right... Of course, in your own sentence, you indicated that you discriminate against Tea Party members. You might try a little more bleach on your white robe.

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"My question is, where is da liberal version of John McCain, stepping forward to take his fellow Democrat to task for a response and position which is utterly shameful? "


The Boston Globe, hardly a bastion of conservative thought, ran an editorial today taking the Mayor to task for his position. May not get the national publicity Mr. McCain and Ms. Bachman get.







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See Brent, that's the difference between me an you. Though I think tea party goofs and people who discriminate make unnaceptable BSA leaders, I'm not going to demand that they not be allowed to be leaders - I'm going to go ahead with the local option and encourage them to be leaders I'm not involved with.


As for your list (ahh, the old slippery slope argument), mental illness can be treated, so I don't think I'd automatically keep someone out that might be manic/depressive if he's taking medication. Depression is a form of mental illness and often never gets diagnosed - you may have people suffering from depression in your leadershp team right now and never know it. Alcoholism? Not going to keep them from being a leader unless it affects their performance. Porn Star? Maybe a current porn star but if it's a mother who posed for Playboy when she was 19, I don't think that's going to keep her out.

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