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Australian Girl Guides drop reference to Queen and god in pledge

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Well BSA is studying the issue and will give a decision mid May.. By other comments I will not hold my breath on a being successful.. In fact I doubt they will spend much time between now & May really seriously discussing the issue..


The thing is in the past they would just get all puffy and indignant and say "NO, and To H___ with you..".. Now they are at least putting a face on "thinking about it."..


Which is a small crack..


People who fear the change get nervous over hearing this stuff, even if it is a small scout group in another courntry thousands of miles away. They hear that eggshell around them.. Crack.. Crack.. Crack..


In the news today. I couldn't quite figure out what Episcopals is voting on about same-sex unions. I think this is some service they will preform even in states that are not accepting marriage, because they already can bless same-sex marriages in states where it is legal. Also this looks like it is a two part vote, this is only part one (sort of like house & senate votes).. Of course Episcopal have been lost for years with gay bishops and all.



Sounds like U.S. Presbyterian Church voted on gay marriage acceptance (or a defination it is between 2 people rather then man & women) and it narrowly lost, so sounds like if they re-vote in 3 to 5 years they will be good.. This is the church my church is tied to.. That church started having some civil wars on these issues about 5 years back.. From what I hear Presbyterians are pretty big at sponsering BSA units.


United Church Of Christ is already ok with gay marriage. Didn't know UCC was so small though in members though.




Kindof explains my attitude though.. Now not in a church I was raised Dutch Reformed (who know where that would have been had it stayed in America), UCC (my father was a minister of UCC so I would attend when I visited him in the summertime), and Presbyterian (when I was older, found a young fun church).


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>>It would be nice if BSA took the time to perform market research on people who are not currently in the scouts and adapted accordingly. It might stop BSA's plummeting spiral into the membership abyss.

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> LOL, abyss? The data is in BSAs face.


The Abyss: http://imgur.com/ndaaZ


Numbers trending down gradually toward zero while number of available youth has doubled in the same time. This is not a good trend.


This is not a stock I would invest in.(This message has been edited by BSA24)

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Sorry my friend but your analysis of Scouts Canada is mostly rumors and innuendos instead of truth. Like all scouting organizations they have had some tough times in the past. The facts are they have had membership increases for the last three years and are still the LARGEST youth organization in Canada, the BSA can not even come close to making the same claims. They have a new CEO who has a real vision for the future of the organization, and has already implemented changes to the program that the volunteers and youth have told them they would like to see. Scouts Canada have already reviewed ALL of their cases of child abuse to insure that everything was done within the law and handled properly and above board, without waiting for lawsuits to hit. It seems to my Canadian friends that their scouting organization is much more in tune with the needs and desires of their youth and leaders than the BSA is with their own. For an interesting comparision go to the Scouts Canada website to see what they have done lately.


Personally I wish National was more open to and really cared about what their leaders thought and what the youth of today REALLY wanted, all it would take is one CSE who was a visionary and not afraid to make changes instead of being part of the good old boys network.



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> The graph points that out very well.


You just did the same thing you accused me of before. You stared at the graph and pulled complete fiction out of your mind and decided that was the cause without any data at all.


However, if you go back, you will see that I did not assume a cause. I simply assume at this point, with the numbers trending downward, any change in direction is probably a good idea.

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> NO, I didn't look at your graph at all.


That's even worse. So you're just using completely unscientific anecdotal observation on your part to draw conclusions about success methods of a corporation that has almost a billion dollars in assets?


Instead, let's just use fiction and say "I post to the Internet Tubes all day" as the basis for confident assertions as to what the problems are.




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