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Is it ok to have known gay scouter (now aged out) to events?

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Nope - not upset at all - and yes, I would have said the exact same thing if a group of folks left because of the restrictions on homosexuality of adult leaders. I'm just stating things as I see them. It has nothing to do with the advancement issues (see previous threads by the OP) and I'm merely commenting on the issue the OP brings forth in this thread to show that there seems to be no G2SS violations here (or am I wrong and you can point out the statements in the literature that says gay and lesbian parents, siblings and offspring aren't just restricted from being leaders but are restricted in participating period?).


We've given the OP advice for some time now on issues with this unit (including advice to go somewhere else), and now that this ticking time bomb has exploded, the OP needs to have some ideas of what happens now. One thing that you'll consistently find in these forums, from a variety of folks, is that unless you control the COR position, it can be hard to change the program if folks are resistant to the change and finding a new unit is often preferable to confrontation - here we have an example of confrontation, of things coming to a head - and it's apparent that the OP's side has lost this battle. Some of us gray beards have been through this ourselves a few times - I think you may have as well - so doesn't it make sense to provide that experienced perspective?


It's not unusual for a COR/CC to have put a bug in the ear of the head of the chartering organization that the "losing side" are a bunch of trouble making rebels - thus while I agree that it's not a bad idea to write to the Parish Priest about this, that they be prepared that the institutional head has pre-conceived notions already.


They will be starting new units - but the equipment belongs to the CO and sine the CO still has active units, they can't count on there being any equipment available - and I'm only warning that taking the equipment with could find them with more than just personality clashes.


We've also talked about Scout Accounts ad nauseum on the forums - a lot of folks seem to expect that Scout Accounts will follow their Scouts from unit to unit - but that's just not how it happens.


I certainly wish Concerned luck - but I also think it's best to know what happens next.


And yes, in hindsight, it appears to me that this confrontation was a long time coming and was inevitable.

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Yes - we have it covered.. the CO that we are looking at had a troop before and they still have the equipment.


The UC was there last night and he surprised me by pulling out a folder and citing what the issues were from prior meetings.. (didn't know he actually goes home after the meetings and types out notes!) He was trying to help our case but the CO wasn't listening..


I don't look at it as win or lose... cause to me, no one wins.. I look at it as what's right or wrong.


Last night SM told 2 blatant lies and when he said one of them the CC put her hands to her head and said softly, "that's not true.." but yet she continued to support him so.. what can you say??


You know - I find it kind of funny that the CO is a Catholic organization and yet they allow these things to continue. but whatever.. We're moving on..


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I say this with respect, so please don't take it in ways it isn't meant, but: what does the fact that the CO is a Catholic Church have to do with anything? The Catholic Church hasn't exactly been immune to scandal, ethical quandaries, and infighting, either recently or historically speaking.


Anyway, I don't know your situation but if your CO is anything like many of them, they probably want as little to do with the interpersonal complaints and unit politics among leaders, as possible. In fact, considering your comments about joint pack/troop/crew committees, the weird family dynamics between SM/COR, and the weak programs, I bet in your case you have an institutional head (parish priest) who really just doesn't have a lot of interest or sense of calling to be engaged with the scout units that the church sponsors. Otherwise, some of this crazy stuff would have been dealt with by a clear-headed church figure, some time ago.


Best of luck to you starting your new units, and I hope you'll post from time to time about how things are working out. I also hope you'll be able to get those units going without a lot of bad feelings and continuing adult drama leftovers.

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You're so absolutely right on all counts!! ...with all the preaching that we've been subject to in the past few months jaded me.. lol.


I don't think that bad feelings can be avoided at this point in time and yes, we've all had enough drama to last us awhile... :)


Will post updates!

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