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Wisconsin "Border Patrol" issue

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The thought occurs to me that national should review all its authorized patrol patches. Shouldn't we be getting rid of the Fox patrol and the Cougar patrol? There have got to be other lurking offenses that have simply not been identified.

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Have to agree with Frank: PUH-LEEZE.


I am reminded of a patrol I ran into at a National Jamboree some 10 years or so back. (ie, think it was 2001). They used the round US Border Patrol patch as their patrol patch. Yes: "Border Patrol" was their name. Of course, at the time illegal immigration wasn't the hot button topic it is today.



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Wow, I can't believe the "Latino Rebels" pushed them until the patrol changed. I have seen a number of Border Patrol patrols before. Since when is it politically incorrect to support those who enforce laws ie. patrol borders for illegal immigrants?


Before we know it, we won't be able to have the Viking patrol name to please northern Europeans.

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That's strange, my brother lives in that area and I've visited many times since 1980 and saw no sign of the Pekin Dragons, I'll have to look closer next time.


Thanks for the update.



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In itself, I don't have an issue with the patch...other than shape.


But the thing to watch out for here is setting a precident.


So how about the urban inner city troop that is next door to a gang area?


WEould it be okay to have a figure of a man holding a pistol to show that this troop is AGAINST that sort of thing?


Or maybe a patch with two men holding hands with a third person holding a cross and poainting agrily at the two men?


So no, the patch isn't that big a deal , and ESPECIALY SINCE the patrol is primarily hispanics.


But it's kinda like this: Where do you draw the line? What do you allow through?


Agaian, this pareticular patch seems okay.


But............ I bet we won't wait long before another patrol tries to see how far they can go,.

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Since this is a Milwaukee troop, here's the link to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's article about this tempest in a teacup.




Funny how the same paper somehow wasn't able to mention that this same troop celebrated having seven eagle scouts at a special ceremony at the War Memorial last November.

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