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Is the AHG truly a Scouting program??

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In contrast to Girl Scouts, which as I understand it owns all the troops, AHG appears to follow the BSA model of relying on chartered organizations as sponsors.


After four year of building, my Cub Pack, chartered by a Catholic parish, is a going organization. My aim this fall is to concentrate on recruiting Latino families, of which there are very large numbers around here.


But longer term, it might be worthwhile to consider supplementing the Cub Scout program with an AHG unit for girls.


Looking at the AHG national website, they have an interactive map showing AHG units around the country. That discloses a sprinkling around western Washington, mostly chartered by Catholic Parishes.


The Archdioces of Seattle Scouting Committee seems to be supportive of AHG units, so that might be a natural to propose to our CO to start an AHG unit and start it with the support of the Cub Pack and parish.


Meetings of AHG dens and Cub dens could take place in the large parish hall we currently use. When I'm doing recruiting for Cub Scouts at schools, I'm always asked about a program for girls, so we could do recruiting for AHG and Cub Scouts at the same time.


We could probably share common recruiting nights and common events as long as both units wanted to do that.


Sounds as natural as having left and right shoes for your feet!

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Hello Mom,



I would be interested in how you manage the Pack/AHG relationship.



At least initially I'm supposing that the Cub Pack would take responsibility for recruiting and administering the AHG unit, and then working to bring new AHG families into taking more responsibility for the unit as new leaders are identified.


It might be possible and desirable to continue having two programs administered by a common leadership --- a joint "Pack/AHG Committee" but separate Cubmaster, AHG Cubmaster equivalent and such to run the two programs for youths.



That's what I'm imagining anyway.

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If you combine two different organizations into one executive committee and checkbook: WATCH THE MONEY. Having a girls' program that works with the Cub Pack, Troop, and all the other programs your parish supports is a great idea, but you need to step back and let the leaders of that second organization take wing, exercising their own strengths. AHG is not the girls' division of BSA.





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We run totally separate, ie the money is separate, the leaders meet separately (although many are on both boards or married to members of the other board). We do exchange calendars so that there are fewer conflicts (some are unavoidable). We do attend each other's COH whenever possible as many are siblings. I only have girls left at home so we don't pay much attention to the BSA side but they are there for assistance and information and, sometimes, equipment. Mostly, we just let families know that the other is available when we recruit. Many find us by contacting AHG national and some by the BSA.

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Hello Nike,



I'd have no objection to an AHG unit that wanted to be independent of the Cub Pack.


But the issue at hand is how to get a unit started. I've spent the last four years building up our Cub pack from one boy to about fourteen or so, with reasonable adult leadership and financing.


Will still need to grow more, to twenty five or so anyway, but I think we're on our way to doing that.


It would be a LOT easier to organize an AHG unit for girls alongside the Cub Pack. We could combine recruiting and a good deal of program and in general help the AHG unit get up and running.


After all, there would be a common Chartered Organization, a Catholic parish. I don't see any reason why they couldn't be run by a more or less joint committee if that's what was desired. (I'm the pack treasurer).


I am surprised that sheldon's mom reports that her unit runs quite separate AHG and Cub Scout organizations. Closer relationships seem like the natural way to go, but not for sheldon's mom's unit.


I'm probably a year away from deciding whether to take a serious run at that as a project.

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When we started our AHG unit (we converted the entire GS group), we did not do it in conjunction with our Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts. They are thrilled to have us (and have told us many times!) but we run things ourselves. AHG can send you a starter packet of information on how to start a troop. They are pretty structured, i'm not sure how you could do it with BSA but I may be wrong. We knew nothing about how to run an AHG group but we had a group of moms and we got through it together. Going into our second year we feel very confident. I would recommend talking to AHG for direction. You may have already done that, and if so sorry for being redundant. Good luck. I would be happy to answer any questions you have since we just started ours a year ago.

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