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Sorry didn't see this thread earlier, I have been canning bear meat all day.


But to answer from my perspective. I don't see or haven't seen many one to one cases of sexting that get prosecuted. Those being where one person takes the pic and sends it to one person.


The problem comes in when a girl send the pic to her BF and he then for what ever dumb reason you can think of he shows it or forwards it to others. Now you have a crime of diseminating.


Fortunatly I do not deal with people under 16 yrs old. In NY under 16 is a family court offense. At 16 you are a Youthful Offender and have to deal in adult court with some safeguards.


I can't see a way to stop this practice, I mean you could lock them all up, Have government monitoring of Txt msg's(more than they do now), But I don't see that happening

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While this can be a problem, it should usually be a family issue, and theirs with which to deal. The more we make it an issue, the more likely it is to be used by rebellious teens or preteens as a dare, or to push the limits. In an overwhelming amount of cases, it certainly should not become a felony or reason to ruin lives forever due to stupid decisions.


Sometimes it simply amazes me how often someone in our society can build all these mountains from mole hills, so to speak. If we do not over react, and treat each case as needed, on the family level if at all possible, the less of a problem it will be overall. That applies to an myriad of poor choices by adolescents and young adults.


Just my opinion of course.

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Why isn't the girl in your example "disseminating"? She's the one starting the problem.


And if she is entitled to be stupid, why charge those who are being equally stupid down the chain?


I can just see some outraged parent complaining to the cops about what others have done but know what his precious darling did to get the problem started.


Charge 'em all ---- or none.


Preferably none.


The United States is the world capitol of porn --- it's written right into the constitution.







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I think the reasoning is it was a private transaction between two people, its when one of the 2 of them deceide to make the pictures public that it becomes an issue.


There is a lot of things about the law, police, and courts that haven't kept up with todays technoligy. It just takes time for change. When sexting started and people heard about it they were shocked, now a majority take a hohum attitude. Unless your the parent of 15 yr old female who does it and the pic gets passed around, then you think its horrible and every male who looked at your little darlings naked pic should be branded for life.

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"Ban cell phones from your program and you don't have to deal with the problem. "

Digging a hole and sticking your head in it, might seem to make the problem go away. But when you take your head out of the hole, the problem is still there.

Most of the young people over the age 12 now have cell phones.

I very much doubt if their parents can say that they don't know that their kid has a phone, as chances are they more than lightly bought it and help pay the bills.

Troops can of course ban cell phones at Troop and Scouting activities, but when it comes to what we are looking at here, banning the use of phones doesn't fix anything.

We the adults need to teach our kids and educate them.

If and when we stop looking at these cells phones as some sort of a toy and start looking at them as a tool, we will all be better off.

A idiot might stick a butter knife in an electrical outlet.

The idiot might get hurt.

Do we ban butter knives?

Of course we don't.

Taking the time to teach our kids that taking naughty photos is not a good idea, telling our kids that if they ever receive such a photo that they need to delete it ASAP and not forward it to 199 of their best friends will also go a very long way to prevent any trouble.





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nldscout, the problem is it's a felony, which doesn't make it a "private transaction".


If you want it to be a private transaction, it doesn't need to be a felony.


If a person doesn't want their nude photos freely distributed, they either need to be copyrighted or not taken in the first place.



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There was a poll published the other day stating that 25% of cell phone owners world wide have nude pictures of themself on their phone. Thats not sexting, but says a lot about our culture.


What does it say about our culture. I do not believe it says anything. If I want to have a nude picture of myself on my phone (which I don't), who cares?

(This message has been edited by johnponz)

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What's the difference between:



1) A love struck girl who sends a nude picture of herself to the boy she likes



2) A love struck guy who takes a nude picture of himself and sends it to a girl he likes




Which one is more like to come to the attention of police?



If the law is going to get involved in this kind of thing at all, I suggest that the person initially taking and disseminating the picture should be prosecuted if anyone is going to be charged.


I think we can all agree this is a stupid practice. The interest of the law is discouraging the stupid practice in the first place. That means charging the person who initially takes and disseminates the picture.


If you don't do that, then mommy and daddy are going to be outraged when the picture innocent Janie took of herself is passed around all over a school. Janie is going to discover she did something stupid and she is going to want mommy and daddy to make it better.


Mommy and daddy are going to pressure the cops to charge all the guys who passed it around, but of course they aren't going to want their little darling who STARTED the problem to be charged.


If mommy and daddy and Janie and all the other Janies discover they will be prosecuted for this behavior, they are a lot less likely to do it to begin with.

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