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AHH Rooster7 yes you are indeed one of those zealots I referred to. I am sure you have read the Bible and can you show me one instance where Jesus forced his beliefs on anyone? or where Jesus tried to influence or change the political powers of his time? There simply are NONE because that was not what his message was about. Modern day Christian zealots don't seem to get Jesus' message that "My kingdom is not of this world." You should worry more about saving your own soul than who is sitting in the White House or a particular piece of legislation since all of that is temporary and constantly changing.


Politics and Religion simply do not mix and what you propose truly is not the Christian way.


Packsaddle- your folksy little backwoods quip is not only inappropriate it adds absolutely nothing to the conversation, but here is one for you, "it is better to let folks think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

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Packsaddle - Is that what I'm smelling? As fragrant as an outhouse on a warm summers day, when the wind is blowing in our direction..


BadenP - I took Packsaddles quote to mean, we keep raking over the same patch of grass, no one ever changing views.. Round & round we go..


Rooster - Perhaps - but the overzealousness and fanaticism runs both ways. Sometimes folks claim to represent a faith, but there is little evidence in their words to suggest that they actually believe their own church's doctrine - much less the words of the Bible or other historical documents from which their faith is supposedly based.



When people question their faith, I always took that as an intellegent man, who may listen then make up their own mind as to what makes sense, and what does not. I know many people who use their faith ale carte.. The stricter, and tighter their religion trys to hold them, them more ale carte they become..


I prefer a person who can take their religion with a grain of salt. I find them to not be so fanatical. Someone who will not go off to a holy war based on the say so of their spiritual leaders. Someone who is fine that everyone does not believe the same thing they do.. Someone who can see that the bible can be interpreted thousands of different ways..


Normally I don't find these people to be a fanatic.. It's the ones that seem to feel that there religion is perfect and will not question a single thing about what they are expected to believe.. Add to that mix someone who is trying to convert everyone to see the world through their rose colored glasses, because those are the only glasses the world should be viewed from. Well then you have a fanatic..


The real scary ones use bombs to get their their point across. The wordy ones you just need to avoid conversation with, and vote against during elections and polls when their veiwpoint is skewed, hoping not too many have drunk the same kool-Aid..(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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BadenP, .....backwoods? BACKWOODS? Really??

Why, thank you very much.;) I'll accept that compliment.:)

I apologize if that quote from my grandmother seemed not to treat your exchange with Rooster7 with appropriate, what, seriousness or profound reverence.

At least Moosetracker gets it...except...SHEESH, Moosetracker, after all these years of my having to harp on this:

It wasn't KoolAid that they drank at Jonestown, it was FlavorAid. I'll keep harping on this until everyone can get that right. Now THAT is truly important.(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Yeah, and Jesus stopped Peter from hacking that soldier into a bunch of other pieces, not just lopping off an ear. Plus he healed the ear. If THAT isn't forcing a belief I don't know what is. And when he stopped all those people from stoning the woman who had been caught in adultery, now that went in the face of tradition, religion, and politics. What a radical!

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Sorry - Packsaddle, didn't know you were a koolaid representative. It is just they represent the overall name, like Kleenex for tissue and Coke for cola.. How about Flavor drink mix.


OGE - I would imagine when you wrote that you were thinking governments involvement with marriage, but they pass those laws while not in the temple.. All I got was an image of Jesus throwing all the preists & Bishops out of the temple on their butts for having political rallies rather then Sunday service within the temples.


Sorry, it just was the first image that came to mind! :)

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BadenP - What exactly did I propose?


You sure managed to extract a lot, but I don't think you represented my words very well. I stand by my posting - not yours. Others can judge for themselves as to what I said and meant.

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