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Way back...way, way back in high school. Back in 9th grade World History, my history teacher was takling about governemnt, rebellions, and the like.


Although I cannot quote him exactly, he said something along the lines of:


The US is unique in that - so far, it is the only country to have survived for 200 years with the same government. Most countries do not make it to 200 years before there is some sort of upheaval, rebellion, or civil war that changes the contry, the type of government, or who runs things.


Usually, the government changes so much from it's original start - either through dictatorship, abuse of power, government interferance ( BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU), over regulation/ taxation , widening gap of economic policy/ laws... that people get tired of it and act6 on creating change.


Not quite unlike the Revolutionary War.



So, are we overdo?


Do you see it happening any time soon?


Would you fight for or against the status qou?

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Yah, I'll be honest, this kind of silly millenial/militia/periodic revolution nonsense I ordinarily just laugh at. Da problem is the modern internet and certain regional demographics put a bunch of people with these oddball views together, which when yeh combine it with some tough economics and latent racism starts to get a bit on the scary side. That can make for Waco wackos or even federal building bombers. And to answer your implied question, I'd be just fine with puttin' those folks in prison, exiling 'em to some country that really doesn't have freedom, or just shootin' 'em if need be.


No, there's no reason to expect that we are headed toward upheaval. Our population isn't young enough for one, and old folks just don't tend to make trouble. Yeh have to look to the middle east for the right demographic. We're the most well-off people on the planet, and while at the moment our political system is in need of some pragmatic reform, we've been in that place before. Yep, income disparity is at pre-depression levels but since we bailed out the bigwigs the last go 'round we'll have to wait for the next crash to fix that problem. All ordinary stuff. Hard times for individuals, but aside from the wackos, the nation tends to pull together in hard times, not pull apart.


So take a chill, go grab a beer, and get off the periodic revolution foolishness. If we're goin' to talk BS, lets make it Boy Scouting. ;)





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I'm not on the "Overthrow the govt" bandwagon.


I'm an anarchist! :)


Nah, just kidding.


REally though, I was just wondering is we were due based only on comparison of other countries . Not pushing for ort against, just observing something that is out there

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In some respects, though it was unsuccessful, the Civil War fits the criterion. We also have had numerous mini revolutions within cities and regions; for example, Watts. Between these and the wacko's we have had our share.

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"If we're goin' to talk BS, let's make it Boy Scouting".


Oh my Lord Beavah, that may be the greatest thing I have ever read here! :)


When I use it, I will be sure to give proper credit where due. Roundtable is coming up, so I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity.

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Since Beavah has already dismissed, as silly nonsense, all those predictions which were based on deeply-held religious beliefs, I'll just inform you, Scoutfish, that the Rapture already happened - back in 1996. Sorry, fella, it's too late. You're 'left behind' with the rest of us slimes.(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Studies like his work REALLY well if you have a pre-conceived idea you want to support.

H'mmm, he left off a few:

Sumerian Empire - the Uruk period alone lasted over 1000 years.

Egyptian Empire - around 3000 years until the Romans conquered them.

Mayan Empire - about 2000 years

China - also about 2000 years

...but who's counting?


Look, there is a lot of latitude about when one decides is the beginning and the end of an 'empire', even just what an 'empire' IS in the first place. By Glubb's own admission, the Arabs (Moors) ruled over Spain for 780 years...no need to let a technicality like that get in the way of an obvious 'truth'.

And about that British Empire...shhhhhhh....they're still in denial.

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We have had several revolutions over the past 200+ years which have drastically changed the government.


I suspect that if the framers had a glimpse of what the government is today, they would run in horror from the constitutional convention and renew their support for the Articles of Confederation!

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There probably are some good "psycho-history" rules or equations that govern some of these things, but they would have to take into account a tremendous number of variables, from the demographics that Beavah mentions, to geography, to form of government, to other countries in the neighborhood, to natural resources, and so on.


The British have pretty much the same monarchy going for the last 1400 years or something, albeit with lots of evolution along the way (and a very brief republic).


The U.S. is unique in that it has the oldest functioning written constitution - but it also has the advantage that it is a democracy and therefore allows people to change their government regularly. With that ability to blow off pressure, it's not clear that the same life cycle that applies to empires would apply to democratic governments.


We are not overdue.

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Having thought about it more...


It is possible now that he was talking about western countries. I remember his using a few Latin American countries as examples. Could be he was talking about NA and SA and not the European or far east countries.


Could be he was talking the difference between democratic, republic, and monarchy's too.


Was a long time ago. :)


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I understand most of the folks on this board are from wealthy monochromatic suburbs, after all scouting is a rich boys game.



But I see the disappearance of the middle class as a huge issue.


In our town the rich enclaves are tearing up roads and creating street scapes blocking access to their islands of wealth in the sea of working poor. Their police force guard the entrances and if you don't have a valid parking sticker on your windshield they will pull you over. Gated communities.......



So are we in need of change????? Political, yes social, yes economic, yes


Can I suggest one, no......




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