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Here is some compelling evidence that exposing kids to homosexuals causes them to turn out gay:




(Lets) say your 11-year-old has broken her leg rather badly and needs to be in the hospital a few days, which would you prefer: a nurse whos proud of her lesbianism, who has rainbow identifiers on her work clothing, or a nurse who does not?


She certainly has me convinced. It's credible, evidence-based arguments like this that can stem the tide of tolerance. I'm just grateful I saw this in time. I have an appointment to take my kids for flu shots next week, and now I know that, if I'm not careful and vigilant, they could come home gay.(This message has been edited by the blancmange)

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The Blancmange - This has to be sarcastic! How can you take this crap seriously?.. It is not even showing examples.. Just one crazed lunatic spouting alot of wind.. And so up-tight that she couldn't even work up a serious "what-if" !!!!


So someone nice with a rainbow pin on their shirt takes care of my child in the hospital!!! Wham!! My child is now a homosexual... Is that the rub-off theroy???


I went to Provincetown MA, and was looking at some christmas ornaments with rainbows on them!! Gee, had I brought one home, my child and his friends may all now be homosexuals! Wow! I am so glad I didn't do that!(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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I think the artical itself is hysterical !!! I am just very concerned if there is anyone who could take it seriously..


Flu shots cause autism!!! Wow, I was offered a free flu shot at work today.. I am so glad I turned it down! Autism at my age is worse then catching when your younger.. Oh wait, that's measles..

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Oops, I might have been wrong about that autism...it's actually AIDS. I seem to remember something about jackbooted thugs involved in a CIA conspiracy to infect witless persons who fall for the flu scam.


Edit: Oops, sorry. That jackbooted thug thing was an NRA conspiracy theory, NOT a gay rights conspiracy. My bad.(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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It all sounds like the government conspiracy I been figuring out.


In the late '50's and Early '60's , the government brought monkees from space. Sure, they pretended that NASA sent one up, but that was just a cover to hide the fact monnkeys came from space.


This was first Contact!


They tried to take over our minds by the way of drug use ( monkey sugar) and it failed, so then they tried to convert us through music : IE The Monkees.


When that failed, they tried to get us through tv : IE BJ and the Bear, Clyde from the Clint Eastwood Movies, and that monkey that Reagan hung out with. Then next thing you know..Reagan is president.


NASCAR starts using NASA type technology and next thing you know, Tim Flock is driving around with a monkey, Time Later dies of aids.


Then things get tougher: Monkees are discovered to be responsible for AIDs, the governmet offers "Government Aid".


Then Michael Moore and one of his NASA buddies discovers that an alien "Planet of the apes" is pending an attck, and then NASA is suddenly (publicly) finding itself without funds.


Then Bill Clinton ( who spanked his monkey too much) and Hillary ( why Bill spanked his monkey too much) start working ofn a National Health Care Bill


W Bush kinda looks like a Monkey and almost talkes as legibly as one.


Obama's citizenship is questionable and possibly Kenyan of Nature. Kenya has alot of Monkeys.


Obama wants to institute mandatory health care......IE Government Aid(s).


The Monkey are taking over and our government is an accomplice!



Wow, If I had more time to have thought this out...I might have actually come up with something good! :)

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Yes.. The Monkees were gay.. And buried in their music is brainwashing subliminal messages of "G-G-G-Gay Pride!" Which as we know has turned everyone from that generation into closet cases of gays and lesbians.. And they in turn have hugged & rubbed up against every child born there-after turning them all gay too..


Even the conservatives, they are just too repressed to realize they have been turned.. So instead they lash out in homo-phobic fear, like the lady who posted this news article.


We are all gay from 55 on down.. only the 60 and up are the last of the heterosexual breed.. Soon to die out, and then homosexuals will rule the world!!!!

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Lesbian nurse? C'mon - everyone knows that Lesbians are truck-drivers, lumberjacks, steelworkers, police officers and fire fighters.


Gay nurses are men.


That's how I know this lady is about 10 ants short of a pic-a-nic.


Scoutfish - you're buying right into the plan the Dolphins have had - to take over the world and blame the Monkeys.(This message has been edited by calicopenn)

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